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Magic Pre-Release's this Saturday at 3 pm, AND 6 pm.  $25 entry gets you six packs, the promo card, and a chance at winning lots more!

Big events in January!

40k Organized Play Beta is live, still time to join in.  Play GW's custom missions, earn swag and prizes, free to join.

Mercenary Market this Saturday Jan 18th

Magic the Gathering Pre-Release Sat Jan 25th, 3 pm AND 6 pm

42 point German SR 2014 Warmachine/Hordes tournament Sat Jan 25th

Paint Tuesday today!

Mercenary Market This Saturday!

Zombie Apocalypse on Halloween!

Magic Pre-Releases on Saturday AND Sunday, 3pm both days.  We have 3 boxes for prizes Saturday, and 2 boxes Sunday, plus 4 limited edition Return to Ravnica Back Packs to give away!  $25 entry, pre-registration highly recommended, and will get first pick on their guild of choice!

2500 point Fantasy Tournament on Saturday, 10:30 sign up 11 am start!

New White Dwarf in stock (only 10 copies left!) and its awesome!

X-Wing table top game in stock and selling fast!

FNM Friday at 6:30, New WHITE DWARF on sale Friday at Midnight!!

1000 pt 40k Tournament Saturday, 11 am sign up, noon start!

Pokemon League and Magic Drafts tonight at 6:30!

FNM, 40k in 40 minutes, and Warhammer Fantasy Meet up Tomorrow Night

GT Saturday, 8 am sign in, 8:30 start!

We still have some Limited Edition Dark Vengence (40k starter set) in stock!  Come get yours!

40k Grand Tournament this Saturday, 8 am sign in, 8:30 am start time!

Open regular hours today (Labor Day) 11 am to Midnight!!  

4th Anniversary Grand Tournament is This Saturday!!!

EG Birthday celebration is a week from Saturday

Friday Night Magic tonight 6:30

Saturday: 2500 pt Warhammer Fantasy and 25, 30 35ss Malifaux Escalation Tournament
Sunday 40k New Guy league 500 pts, Pokemon League at noon

Day two of the Warmachine Hordes War Torn Alliance league today!
Tomorrow, new Pokemon league, LOTR league and Magic Draft
Friday: Friday Night Magic!
Saturday 35 point min Tier 1 WarmaHordes tournament
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