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Hey Everyone!

If you haven't seen the new update today, we've put out a feedback survey. If you have a few minutes to tell us what you thought about the con, you can do that here:


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People sometimes ask me for advice about shipping books. One of the first things I usually tell these people is to not fucking scrimp on bubble wrap. (Hoo-mon for scale)

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There's only 50 hours left in the New MexiCon Kickstarter! If you're interested in traveling to the southwest for great gaming, great people, and great food, check it out! We're already bringing +Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and +Matthew McFarland in to run games and we're only $500 away from also bringing +Kenneth Hite.

And if you're not able to attend, but would still like to support the con, you can do so by pledging $20 and getting our NMC exclusive PDF Bundle!

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There's a little more than a week left for the NewMexiCon KS and we've just reached our stretch goal to bring +Michelle Lyons-McFarland and +Matthew McFarland to the Q! If we can manage another $1000 in the next week, then we'll add +Kenneth Hite to our list of designers in attendance! If you are thinking about joining us for a weekend full of great gaming with great people, or if you just want to snag our awesome PDF bundle, now's the time get in.

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+Lowell Francis is a smart guy and says smart things about 7th Sea. 
Sailors on the Sea of Dice
My review of the new 7th Sea rpg. I ran two sessions of this for The Gauntlet Hangouts. I dug it. Hugely. Had a great time- I think its a solid game that works well with the way I run, though it does pose a few challenges. I run through my impressions and the rules basics. I also have links to our two actual play sessions on YouTube.

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We're only $16 and 6 backers away from reaching our totals from last year! If you're in the southwest, you should definitely check it out. We're a small con with a heavy focus on creating the best possible "at the table" experience. So whatever games you play or run are very likely to be amazing.

Plus, we have an amazing list of indie designers in attendance, including those from John Wick Presents, Magpie Games, Khepera Publishing, and our stretch goal guests, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland, +Matthew McFarland, and +Kenneth Hite.

And even if you're not able to come, you can still help support the con with our indie PDF bundle. The bundle will include 10 indie games from JWP, Magpie, Khepera, Galileo Games, Pelgrane Press, and more! It's a great value for only $20.
It's time for the New Mexicon 2017 Kickstarter, featuring:

- a new $20 bundle filled with awesome indie games like curse the darkness, Bulldogs!, and Houses of the Blooded.
- our unique hotel situation that allows us to provide a private room for every. single. game.
- our $3,000 stretch goal that brings +Matthew McFarland and +Michelle Lyons-McFarland out as special guests
- our world-famous New Mexican food!

Check it out:

Since Magpie is holding a retreat the weekend after and JWP is holding a retreat the weekend before... I've also heard rumors that there might be a whole bunch of indie designers at the convention like +Thomas Deeny, +James Mendez Hodes, +Shoshana Kessock, +Brendan Conway, and +Sarah Richardson. RUMORS, PEOPLE.

Oh, yeah. And I think +MadJay Brown, +Paul Beakley, and +Jason Corley are coming. My favorite oldfurs. ALL IN ONE PLACE. 

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The New MexiCon KS is still going strong. 2 days in and we've funded and are nearly at our first stretch goal. $119 away from providing refreshments at the con and then another $1000 to bringing the very talented +Michelle Lyons-McFarland and +Matthew McFarland to the con. If you're thinking about coming, get in now so we can make sure to have amazing guests in attendance.

If you're not able to come, but still want to support us, we have a fantastic pdf bundle as well!

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New MexiCon! We're running it in April this year and have a great lineup of guests including +Matthew McFarland, +Michelle Lyons-McFarland, and +Kenneth Hite, among others. If you're in the southwest (or willing to travel there) and want to play some great Indie RPGs with some great people, check it out!
Hey all! The 2017 New MexiCon Kickstarter is LIVE! We hope this year you will be able to join us for New Mexico's only small press indie game convention! Hope to see you! Let's play some games! Details are all on the kickstarter page here:

Or check us out at
Or our google+ community:

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Masks: A New Generation is up on DriveThru RPG!

If you missed the Masks Kickstarter, we just uploaded the final PDF to DTRPG. Teenage superhero drama fueled by the Powered by the Apocalypse engine, ready for your table! Woot!

I'm so proud of this game. When +Brendan Conway first told me he wanted to make a PbtA game about teenage superheroes in which everyone's stats changed all the time depending on how they viewed themselves... I thought he was a little crazy.

But the final product is one of the best games we've ever released. The playbooks are exciting and dynamic, the basic moves create superhero action and teenage drama in equal measure, and the art is some of the coolest stuff we've every published. 10/10 would follow Brendan's crazy vision again. :D

Huge congrats to +Brendan Conway, +Daniel Solis  +Marissa Kelly, +Amanda Valentine, Brooke Carnevale, +Michael Lunsford, +Shelley Harlan and +Derrick Kapchinsky for getting this amazing book ready for print. We're sending the file to the printer this week, so stay tuned for more information about print copies!

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Hey! +Mick Bradley and the rest of the #Apocalexicon Editorial Team wants to know what you think about including short fiction in the zine. Vote in Mick's poll and leave a comment!
This is the first of several polls that the Apocalexicon Editorial Team will be presenting as we continue to plan out what kind of zine the zine will become. We want potential readers and contributors to have some say in how things shake out.

This first one is an issue that's currently in a split-decision state among the members of the Editorial Team.

Question: Do you want there to be occasional works of fiction in the zine, assuming that the stories in question meet the overall editorial standards we hope to establish?

note: If you are willing, please elaborate on your response in the comments. And please DO NOT call out anyone else's comments.
votes visible to Public
Yes, AND I'd like to write some as well.
Yes, BUT not in every issue.
Meh. I don't really care.
No BUT I'll support the zine regardless
No AND if you include any I'll drop out
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