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New blog?
I've been so boring with my blog layout lately and trying to develop one new fancy and cutting-edge blog by wix. VISIT MY NEW BLOG!  though there's nothing in it, but I'm gonna fill it up with something trashy (haha) and maybe something informative and usef...

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Learning Nederlandse Taal
Halo, Ik ben Annissa! Aangenaam. I've settled in the Netherlands. What a lovely country it is for sure. I made friends, both from my classes and from my other class. What classes do I mean? So, I have a normal class (classes included in my program) and Dutc...

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Voyager à Paris
Bonjour! Winter break has just passed, I have to start a new semester. Excited, yet I have some concerns on how to live my new live in Netherlands. Will I have friends as I do before? Will I study well? Will I manage my time better? Those questions are ling...

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Enlightenment and Education
Abstract Education develops through time. It once was created as guidance to pass through harsh primitive life. As time goes by, this guidance was developed and taught to all of their descendants. Over times, education changes its function as tool that not ...

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"Don't lose hope. Life is like walking around a block. There is always a turning point. You may not be able to see it now, but you will one day turn the next corner and things will get better. The three first words of the UN charter are 'We the Peoples.' You are at the center of all the work that we do. It is about your lives, your opportunities and your future."

These are the words refugees at the Nizip refugee camp outside Gaziantep in Turkey heard from Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson this weekend.

"There is no military solution to the Syrian conflict. The UN's first priority is therefore to find a political solution to end this terrible nightmare," he said.
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Writing Habit
Hello. It's me. It is devistating that I could hear Adele's voice all over my head. It won't go! Oh Adele, Please. The posting today is not about Adele, or her new album. Nope. But it is my  own experience of being so stupid and ignorant. I received my degr...

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Mengagumi bukan berarti menghargai! Itu adalah pandangan saya terhadap Rakyat Indonesia (well, saya terlalu menggeneralisir), terhadap segelintir oknum di Indonesia lebih tepatnya. Sebenarnya bukan masalah besar bagi saya untuk menilai mereka sebagai PERUSA...

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Should I pray for Paris?
Dear François,  This attack is an outrage against France, and against Europe as a whole. Today,
France is on the frontline of the fight against terrorism. But she is not
alone. This fight is the fight of all Europeans, and all the other peoples of
the free ...

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He grabs me!
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