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the TED app is not my inpsiration because...

the actionbar is absolutly non perfect designed.
actionbar and the tabintegration is enough to design the information architecture.
but it is stupid threerow navigation with IOS tabbar. not smart, to big, no android inspiration.

bad UX
+Marie Schweiz fair point. Out of curiosity, have you seen any applications with a solution that gets around that toggle gracefully? I've seen a few that simply put it at the bottom, but not much else.
the information architecture is wrong. in my opinion it is too much in one screen. If you have "my talks" as view - use the tabbar for download / bookmark -

the app have a bad UX and information architekture
Whoops, replied from the wrong account :/

And yeh, I see what you mean. I guess the IA worked fine for their iOS app and they ported it across. Maybe it was time constraints, or they're simply ok with porting it across while applying an ICS look to it.
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