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Paul Jones
Generally dazed and confused, but absolutely loves technology
Generally dazed and confused, but absolutely loves technology

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Take a look at this video on YouTube:

Is at a customer meeting in Scunthorp. Only had to get up at 5:15am in order to leave the house by 6:00am, so that I could take into account the traffic issues between Liverpool and Scunthorp (long drive)

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If your into good food and like strange new foods to try, check out my friends blog!

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+Luis Suarez Happy New Year!

I have not been online with Google+ in a while. Now I have more time... perhaps I will get on here more often now. Just wanted to say a quick thank-you to you for your help regarding my MSc Dissertation questionnaire. I passed! and I am now the proud owner of the letter 'MSc' after my name. Thanks again for your input and support.

Now that my Dissertation is complete and submitted for marking, I am now enjoying my new found freedom... oh and being able to get some real work done. The news last week of Steve Jobs passing is still on my mind. A great man, who will be sorely missed by the world.

I read some of the memorial messages left in the window of the Apple Store, Liverpool One (UK). Some really heartfelt messages from real people. R.I.P Steve Jobs.

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Do you check your e-mail before you actually start work, first thing in the morning? As a mobile worker myself, this is something that I am guilty of most weekdays... Interesting findings here

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Our Social Enterprise Transformation

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Wow!... so this is the social world of G+

Thanks for the invite Luis, much appreciated :-)
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