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GG Renee
All the Many Layers - A Daily Indulgence for Soulful Women
All the Many Layers - A Daily Indulgence for Soulful Women

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The #30Layers30Days Writing Challenge
We started on November 1, but feel free to join in at any time!  I have been sharing my daily posts on Instagram , Twitter and Facebook .  You can also feel free to keep your work private and write in your journal.   If you would like to read and connect wi...

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new workshops, new blog, new book
Hey!  Long time no see. I started All the Many Layers at the end of 2012 and it's been my home as I ventured into self-employment and authorship and all kinds of creative adventures.  Right now I have that bittersweet feeling of wanting to go and wanting to...

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writing the layers workshop // atlanta // september 17
I'm so excited to finally come to Atlanta next month with my Writing the Layers writing workshop!  You can find more information about the workshop here and you can register here . I haven't been blogging much this summer, mostly because I've been busy work...

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write words that move with me // august 8
WRITE to release .   WRITE to heal.   WRITE to express.   WRITE to discover.   WRITE to be of service.    WRITE to find your voice.   WRITE to feel free.   WRITE to unfold.   WRITE to inspire.   WRITE to let go.   WRITE to manifest.   WRITE to be heard.   W...

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messy happiness + a juicy resource for writer's block
Sunday is a deep cleaning day at our house. Usually by Monday  Sunday night, there are already pockets of clutter here and there – the effects of having kids: a toy here, a sock there, crayons on the table. A cup left on the counter. I find myself constantl...

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how to feel comfortable in your skin
source Be authentic and human and nuanced.  Look for ways to show more of your inside world on the outside.       Learn from nature.  It doesn't apologize for living out its purpose.  You are made of the same miracle, crafted by the same spark.   Settle int...

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4 stages of self-discovery + a free summer series
Many of us spend our lives wishing for things. Wishing to win the lottery, wishing for a new way of life, wishing all the time and feeling helpless to create our own change. Many of us suffer for years (sometimes our whole lives) feeling lost and unmotiva...

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writing the layers workshop // DC // june 26
Registration is now open for my next in-person workshop in DC on June 26!  I also have a couple spots available for my next virtual one on June 15.   Find out more, watch the trailer video and register here.    This workshop is based on my Writing the Layer...

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you're a genius and the world needs your gift
Don't be intimidated by people you think are smarter or more talented than you.  You're a genius in your own way.  Discovering that genius and how to share it to make the world a better place -- that will be your life's work. I found that quote awhile back ...

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a truth moment with jamie
I was quite stressed after I had my daughter. I also believe I was dealing with a little postpartum depression, and I was super tense. I didn't talk to anyone about it, partly because I'm generally not the type of person to vent about my problems, but mainl...
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