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Jason Johnson
Jason Johnson is a full fledged geek addicted to all things aviation, web and tech.
Jason Johnson is a full fledged geek addicted to all things aviation, web and tech.

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LinkedIn buying for $1.5 Billion! Skills + Jobs = Good Match 

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Finally! 'Star Wars: The Digital Movie Collection' is coming to iTunes Friday, April 10 

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A few photos of a great looking home on Arbor Chase Court that I got shoot.

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It's official! I completed my Bachelors in Science from WMU! It feels great to formally finish it. I'm certain I've never felt so emotional over an automated email:

Congratulations! Your Western Michigan University degree has been awarded and posted to your transcript. Your diploma will arrive in approximately two weeks. Your diploma will be mailed to your permanent address.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Western Michigan University

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The aerospace pilots and entire Virgin Galactic team are amazing, they're modern day pioneers. So sad to hear one of the pilots was lost during today's test flight. 

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Getting out into the fresh, ephemeral Autumnal air filled with scent of fallen bright colored leaves is the best! I love vacation and taking time to just chill out and breath a bit. Nothing enlivens your spirit like getting away from your work whether you love it or loath it and returning after a little rest and rejuvenation. Taking breaks brings balance. Balance brings focus. Focus lets us work smarter and more productively.

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This, I could go for...
Good Morning Dear Googleverse Netizens

"There's a place beyond mortgages. Let's meet there."
-- +John Kellden 



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My latest motion graphic explainer video for YAC (YourAreaCode) a centralized social, web, email & text management service who's right here in GR; fun project. 
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