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Professionally curious.

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When - if ever - will the bandwidth of the Internet surpass that of FedEx?
—Johan Öbrink

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So this happened

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Love the localization. Very thoughtful work.

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Behavior change cards

23 cards, 5 themes
1.Make it personal: The persuasive power of “me” and “my”
2.Tip the scales: How perceptions of losses and gains influence our choices 
3.Craft the journey: Why the entire experience matters 
4.Set up the options: Setting the stage for the desired decision 
5.Keep it simple: Avoiding undesirable outcomes

PDF of cards:

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More proof of the value of value design in business performance from DMI

"in the past 10 years, design-driven companies outperformed the Standard & Poor's 500--a stock market index of 500 large publicly traded companies--by 228%. These companies included Apple, Coca-Cola, Ford, Herman Miller, IBM, Intuit, Newell Rubbermaid, Nike, Procter & Gamble, Starbucks, Starwood, Steelcase, Target, Walt Disney, and Whirlpool. All that money these companies put into smoother user experiences, beautiful branding, and innovative advertising apparently paid off."


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There is a new movie coming out soon that talks about how design thinking can transform education. It should be opening in Minneapolis in the next couple of weeks. I recommend seeing it. It's really well done.

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Facebook's Oragami might be smart but Keynotopia shows how it is over done for a prototyping method.

Hey all, here are the board notes from our conversation.

Not sure how useful they are but maybe they will spark something for you.

Beer can creates more value than the beer itself
Fruit loops are all the same flavor, what flavor is a red one? Green one? Yellow one? All the same!

Brand value has been accelerated over time

Pricing value / fair exchange
Brand sum total of everything I expect and everything I get

Overtake near term sales vs long term value

Spend all time connecting metrics to the businesses

Shared vocabulary
Shared understanding of value
Overview chart

Value of process
- rapid prototyping and testing
Ex. design (term) doesn't encompass the values (what are they?) of service design or other human centered design practice
*Terminology is a process

ROI = cost savings or other intangibles?

Return to employer?
Design business for efficiency

How to make business more culturally sustainable?

Business management vs customer
- Create culture for employees aka the value creators
- Empathy for customer and employee
- Competitive for hiring

Not just designing a product/service, we are finding unmet needs to design products/services but those products are easier to quantify

Value of failure (learning?)
- What types of failure? Prototype context or market context?
- In known systems or unknown? Challenging and unreliable vs reliable?
- What is the value of inaction

Develop a historical analysis so everyone knows how the conversation, project, domain has developed

Companies need leaders with the ability to align them

Half of an innovation does not look like half of a product

Use case studies to help make the case to senior leaders

Confirmation bias causes us to filter out everything that doesn't agree with what we already believe

Defining the problem

For profit vs not for profit
How value accrues
Number of people served is a metric
Embed business logic early and make sure recommendations use it as criteria
Experience of stakeholders, donors, users, agents, etc.
Value to the mission
Stewardship of grants / effectiveness of dollars spent
Good ideas might mean the end of the not for profit
Public sector
Michael Porter: biz a better answer for social problems?
Social entrepreneurship

Aligning internal culture to create value and reinforce principles for successful outcomes.
Employers need good experiences for employees to deliver good ones for customers
How do we create a value proposition / chain of logic to help the business choose what to do

Change frame of problem rather than simply responding to the question that is presented

Design a problem solving discipline, the domain is just the starting point

- The design of the business that delivers experiences

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Hi All,

Am pleased to share an updated draft of the presentation +Jason Gaikowski and I presented last week at +Azul 7 

Thanks again for a wonderful discussion, and to +Azul 7  for hosting us and organizing!  We learned a lot for your feedback, and will incorporate many aspects of the discussion in our paper.

I hope that you will continue to answer the questions: Agree? Disagree? What else? So that we can continue to strengthen the logic that will help us all ensure design gets its appropriate investment so we can really do our best work.

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