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Second attempt on the vignette. Anyone see any errors? I test on Saturday.


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Hi everyone! This is my first run at the practice vignette, and I would really appreciate some feedback. I'm uploading the final with and without the sketch lines showing, in case anyone sees anything thatis bad in my setup.

The big question on this vignette I have is about tolerances... There were a number of places where I struggled to line things up precisely. So I've made some assumptions about how to interact with that, and I was wondering if anyone could confirm if I am making the right ones:
Picture 1) At the setback from the high waterline, I assume if I cannot snap successfully to the exact tangent of my sketch circles, I should be certain to be to the outside of them (so as not to have any points inside the setback)
Picture 2) A. If I cannot get the angled height setback to be exactly 30 degrees, should I go slightly below (i.e. better to have 29.9 than 30.1)?
B. If I cannot snap to the angled sketch line, does it matter if I am slightly below (left) or slightly above (right)?
Picture 3) Is it better to have the building profile line stop above or below the grade line?
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I just checked 'My Examination' and it says I passed the CDS exam I took on Saturday! Thanks so much to everyone who gave me feedback or info on this board!

Anyone have suggestions regarding the best way to practice the Building Section vignette after going through the one NCARB practice a few times? I want to make sure I'm not just within time because I'm used to that program.

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Hi Everyone! I am working very hard towards studying for the CDs exam at the end of the month. My first one! Could anyone provide feedback on my solution? I would particularly appreciate anyone who can clarify the following:
1) Does it matter if the slab sits above or below the grade line?
2) Does it matter of the exterior walls go through the slab or sit on top of it?
3) Am I correct that the partition walls go 6" above the ceiling (within the 8" light clearance) but the fire-rated walls go all the way up to the deck that sits on top of the structure? (Could you have the 1 fire rated wall go all the way up for both stories, or would that be considered incorrect by the software?)

Thanks so much!!

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Everyone is getting in on the Pokemon Go craze, these days! :p

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