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Cry More: Gaming, Chatting, LOLs, Win Some, Lose Some.
Cry More: Gaming, Chatting, LOLs, Win Some, Lose Some.

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In-Depth gaming videos without the ranting & raging that's so common.
Watch it...

Fresh from the oracle (aka the forums): Crymore gaming trends in 2014

- HOT: hosting your own game servers (What a comeback!)
- Buying 4-Packs of games on Steam (one Key for me, plz!)
- spending too much money on Steam Sales (Bastards!)
- Games featuring Zombies are still not dead (Aim for the HEAD!)
- Games with crafting & building will get us excited (Eureka! A Stone Axe!)
- Open-Worlds will fascinate us (And "Scripted Shooters-On-Rails" will reap in the million$$$$!)
- EA will fail again! (Cpt. Obvious to the rescue!)
- Crowdfunding games emerged as the new Metagame, but some big Bubbles will burst! (I have seen things...)
- On a related note: A saviour will come and fly us to the moon! (After taking our money. And leave us there with a stone, a flashlight and enough oxygen to curse for a day!)
- interesting new Movies & TV Series will cut into gaming time (2nd or 3rd display will partially solve that!)

P.S.: And yeah, Gaijin will probably cut heavy into wargaming's money-printing machine. (There you have it!)

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Quite a discussion about Warthunder Air vs. World of WarPlanes in our clan

Quite a few play WarThunder Air now, it seems they need a break from games and their shortcomings and that game seems to offer a fresh approach with some new gameplay and dynamics.

Unique selling points seem to be better arcade gameplay, including respawns after getting killed, on the other hand stuff like historic missions, more ground  & sea targets to fight with bombs & torpedoes and a different levelling system that is mainly based on Tiers not individual vehicles. 

Seems the learning curve isn't that high either, at least in the easy modes, but like in WoWP there are other control options that should keep all but the real flight-sim nerds happy for the time being. 

They are working on Tank and Ship Combat as well, integrating that could be the wedge needed to pry users from WoT/WoWP, at least those who haven't sunk a couple of 100€ into the games. ;)

Give it a try (if you haven't already), it's F2P, open BETA means it's not sucking your wallet dry (yet).

P.S.: Competition rocks and keeping on toes can't be bad for players.

Google is hiding one's pages (and Communities) so well I don't us them anymore.
Sorry for the lack of updates.

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Warhammer 40K title for PC & iOS INC!
Seems like the developer made a lot (and I mean a lot!) of WW2 and "historic" strategy titles for the PC/mac that well... catered a pretty small hex-loving following it seems.

The company profile on Metacritic looks far from impressive, apart from the pretty good "Panzer Corps" with MS 80 :

Can't blame them since Games Workshop has a history of mediocre games attached to it's often overpriced licenses. Warhammer 40k was blessed with a few very good titles so far, so let's wait and see...

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Ok, now they are overdoing it a bit...
Humanized Pony characters? In high-school? What`s next? The Smurfs as the high-school football team? 

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10 hrs of the same song with Anime Girls driving Anime Tanks
(via: )

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Animated GIFs of Classic Fighting Games
Awesome stuff is awesome!

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MechWarrior Online: Daddy C
That's an Assault Mech I can identify with.
Center of the Battlefield, no less.

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More comics...
The Gutters!
(some of which may be NSFW!)
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