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Congratulations to the +Google for Education Innovators celebrating ISTE 2017 Awards!

+rafranz davis, #GTAX14 Award for Outstanding Leadership

+Fanny Passeport, #GTAGUR Award for Outstanding Young Educator

+Mari Venturino, #COL16 Emerging Leader

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Socratic Seminars in Science
[This post was originally featured on Kids Discover , How to Promote Critical Thinking with Socratic Seminars , on April 18, 2017.] As teachers, we’re constantly being told to implement 21st Century Skills and the 4Cs (critical thinking, communication, coll...

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Whiteboard Desks: Low tech can be really fun!
My desks before the transformation Somehow by the luck of the draw, I ended up with the worst desks in our entire school when I joined this staff in 2013. Not only are the desk legs loose, and I’m constantly tightening them with a wrench, but also they are ...

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Fantastic book! My favorite education books are the ones not written directly to teachers. I learned a lot, thanks +Jessica Lenore Loucks :)

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Just Push Publish!
I’m a teacher, and I love blogs. I love reading other teacher’s blogs, sharing blogs on social media, and writing my own teacher blog. So, you’re interested in blogging? And, you’re somewhere in the education world? High five! However, you may be saying to ...

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I'm launching my own 20Time project, as my students work on theirs. I'm collecting real stories from real teachers to publish into a free ebook.

There is so much value in our day-to-day lives as teachers, most of which is never seen by the general public and the media. My goal is to highlight the real successes and challenges, joys and heartbreaks, of being a teacher.

Submissions are open March 10 - May 1. Anticipated publish date is sometime in May.

Sign up to write, edit, and help here:

And, please share!

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Read alouds aren't only for English class!
Why does reading a novel have to be compartmentalized to English class? There’s such a huge push for reading and annotating text in all content areas, and most of these are informational texts. While helpful, I can’t say my students are super excited by rea...

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Claim Evidence Reasoning with Google Forms
I have a slight obsession with Google Forms. I’ve already written two blog posts about things to do with Google Forms. The first, Using Google Forms for Walkthrough Observations , is specifically for creating a workflow for informal walkthrough observations...
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