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Paul sells the economies of clean energy. Its already sold in cold of Eastern Ontario.
The incredible recent decline in the cost of renewable energy, solar power in particular, have improved the economics of climate change.
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i hope so they are making some money there. It's about time. 50 yrs I've been hollaring for it!! 
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A Pope underlining a global problem [Brazil, Russia, China, India, USA, etc] - great Income and Wealth Inequality.
I highly recommend this article.
In response to critics who label him a Marxist, Pope Francis is taking a page from the famous Seinfeld scene: No, my critique of capitalism is not because I'm a Marxist (not that there's anything wrong with that) -- it's because I'm a Christian.
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The Pope is not a Marxist. However, if the Vatican truly cared about financial inequality it would be redistributing it's mass wealth. You are talking about an organization that for hundreds of years has been one of the worst offenders of this:

*one of the larger land owners
*vaults full of horded gold and silver 
*and recourse and mass wealth which it hoards for its own ends alone

It is not wrong to care about the poor: in fact it is wise and good that one dose. But what is once more happening is we want to act based on emotion rather than logic with regard to this.  "questioning why extreme poverty persists in era of such extravagant wealth" is something most people have a hard time getting their head around. People think we have poor because we lack wealth... WRONG!!!!

Poverty is the flip side of the coin. If you allow prosperity not everyone will prosper at the same rate, because we are all different. And poverty is in the eye of the beholder. A lot of Americans consider them self POOR: while most of the world considers them RICH. Most of the things we seek to tare down right now have largely combated global poverty, and raised the standard of living for many of the poor. Do we outlaw all that good: in the hopes that EVIL will suddenly not be so?

My question to those who think that good: how will that make no poverty? How do it matter if the gap between the poorest and the richest is $1 or $1 Trillion? How do shrinking that make the poor not poor?
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The sign of Spring in Northumberland Hills is the Campbellford Library Flower Flourish - but this year it is delayed even longer in getting started. So we have to feast on last year's  floral riches.
For the past few Springs the flower garden at the Port Hope Public Library managed to outdo for floral splendor most of its competitors for best Spring Library Garden in the Northumberland Hills of Eastern Ontario. But there may be a new title holder, with the Spring extravaganza of beautiful blooms at the Campbellford Public…Read more →
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Jacques Surveyer

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Same basic conclusions of the AlJazeera story [see here  ]on the weakness of the recovery. The Millenials and displaced job holders have largely been left out of a recovery that further extends the wealth gap.
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Where is this off base?
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You are correct. If we give a political party a very long term, it would likely drift in the kinds of political inaction as you have highlighted.  The usual three- to six-year terms is an effective tool for keeping politicians somewhat in line.

I will address your point, one at a time:

1) Your "no campaigning" in the last week is a step in the right direction. With the TDG, I have abandoned campaigning and electioneering entirely.

2) Polls have their place in western democracy and will with the TDG. I fail to see how your suggestions will improve demcracy.

3) Debates are still about the "Culture of Conflict". TDG is about the "Culture of Consulation".

4) The TDG will eliminate the need for campaign entirely, hence there is no point in making rules.

5) I agree with your suggestions of public transparency.

6) I like your approach towards fixing the less effective of government program, measured by some metric. My only concern would be that the design of the metric could be hijacked to suit the needs of a political party. There likely would not be much credibility from the public. A good example is crime stats. Most sociological data suggests crime is going down in Canada and US. Yet most North Americans believe the opposite.

7) No problems there. We have already come a long ways, but there's a few isolated pockets of unequal pay in government that need to be fixed.

As for your three objectives, I believe the TDG would be a better tool for realizing these objectives rather than try to implement them within western democracy.

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Note the echoes of Civil War tremors...
Article 1, Section 2 of the Nevada Constitution: "...the Paramount Allegiance of every citizen is due to the Federal Government"
The Nevada rancher isn't just resisting the Bureau of Land Management—he's also fighting against his state's unusual constitutional history.
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+Kee Hinckley - yes, there is no mention of the tactics used by the BLM in the Atlantic article. But this Youtube coverage shows a good deal of what went on:

The BLM should have been prepared not to intimidate but rather arrest those who would illegally blockade  the BLM roundup. Taking the approach that waits for clear impeding of the round up - issue a warning - and then proceed to arrest those who impede and blockade.

So I agree with you right goal - deter a blatant scoff law, but wrong method on implementation. And of course the backdrop is Waco and the ATF action against the Branch Davidians - not a stellar record for Federal Law enforcement which is long remembered in the US West. See here -
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FancyBox 2 is a versatile jQuery plugin for handling all sorts of Web media. 
In sum, FancyBox 2 has a lot of features to like, is relatively simple to use and free for non-commercial use and for unlimited commercial use. Not a bad...
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Masonry has proved to a very popular front page creator. It has been added as an extension to popular Web Development environs as Bootstrap 3, WordPress, and Drupal among others. It works well with tools like FancyBox.js , video media, and sophisticated Ajax dynamic loading of Masonry blocks.on WordPress .
Masonry is a JavaScript routine that manages html code blocks and images on a Web  page area giving them a neatly stacked portfolio layout. masonry works best when the width of the blocks are the same or multiples like 200px,...
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Jacques Surveyer

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Another informative analysis from AlJazeera
The author argues that in the new economy, it's people, not skills or majors, that have lost value.
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Jacques Surveyer

Elections and Voting  - 
Who is going to defend Chief Justice Roberts against the accusation of having  the most politicized Supreme Court in decades?
Note to Chief Justice John Roberts - is the barn door open wide enough? Or do you need to squeeze in a little more graft and corruption for the sake of more "freedom of speech"?
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+Jacques Surveyer you have to love this lets get John Roberts out of both the left and the right. It seems the  mentality is "did not get every thing wanted so he must be evil"

Have you read any of the rulings?
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Web Developer in Warkworth ON - sometimes a contradiction in terms.
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