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Rajat Bedi (Diggy Chacha)
Works at India Satire
Lives in India


Catch fun news stories and satires on SP Tulsian on India Satire
Pros and cons of new year resolutions
The India Satire: Finance Minister Arun Jaitley plans to put earthquake tax on God, to bring him under GST net
SP Tulsian catches falling Sensex and Nifty in his bare hands
Editor of Diggychacha Blog
  • India Satire
    Satirist, present
Basic Information
Rajat Bedi (Diggy Chacha)'s +1's are the things they like, agree with, or want to recommend.
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“What is the wonder? They didn’t get 100% votes as like I got in the las...

“What is so wonderful about it as they got only 85% votes. I am surprised that why is it not 100%? They are being very modest, I think they

“Don’t mess with me many BSP leaders are in touch,” Diggy Chacha shows m...

Most intelligent person in the universe, most humble and kind Digvijay Singh Chacha (Diggy Chacha) said “Don’t mess with me many BSP leaders

SC wants panel to examine TN school books

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Digvijay Singh Fan Club - Series I Funny Politics: Rampant Rahul Baba sa...

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Digvijay Singh Fan Club - Series I Funny Politics: Diggy Chacha clears a...

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Digvijay Singh Fan Club - Series I Funny Politics: Diggy Chacha exposes ...

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