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Daniel Bednarik
Daniel Bednarik, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Genomics, investors, entrepreneur
Daniel Bednarik, Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Genomics, investors, entrepreneur

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Now here is a story worthy of blogging.  I fondly recall my Dad, a WWII veteran, telling me about witnessing the first and only flight of the Spruce Goose.  He told me about the majority of people who believed there was no way something this big could fly -- of course, proven wrong.  Everyone was so focused on the flight, which was very short, to the point where my Dad said "it felt like an hour".  I think a lot about Hughes and the Spruce Goose represent the foundation of what the United States was about.  A man who, regardless of eccentricities or pathology, ran circles around his competition and the US Government investigations. This event demonstrated that flight was scalable and that American born dreams could be rapidly translated to reality.
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Museum: Iconic Spruce Goose is safe

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Google asked me to share page (again).. not sure I understand Google+

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Please view my page.

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Hey, check out my new blog post on my website! You can find a bunch of other posts on my blog page, most of which are about biopharmaceutical research and related areas of interest.  Be sure to let me know what you think! Thanks so much!

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Extremely interesting read.  It is amazing where sciences are taking us these days and it will be amazing to see what research studies and advancements like this will lead us to be capable of in the future.
Surgeons and biomedical engineers at Boston Children’s and Brigham and Women’s hospitals and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, developed a non-toxic, biocompatible surgical glue that in tests with pigs patches heart defects, such as those in large blood vessels. #Science #Business

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Impact of Google+ on SEO Ranking

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