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While offering HVAC services, a commonly asked question we often hear is “What do our technicians DO during a clean & check appointment?”
Below is a brief list of procedures our highly trained Foxy River Valley HVAC technicians complete to get your furnace ready for the cold winter months. Let us help you keep your furnace operating properly and efficiently. Contact us today at 630-896-1934 or visit our website at to see our specials and other services we offer!
1) Visually inspect heat exchanger for rust & corrosion
2) Clean the ignition assembly and check burners for proper ignition
3) Pull the flame sensor to clean & test
4) Monitor the flue draft, operating pressures, and starting capabilities
5) Test safety controls
6) Check & change filters or let customer know that it’s time to change it
7) Check the drainage system for blockage or leakage
8) Check and clean the condensate drain & trap
9) Tighten electrical connections / Measure volts & amps on motors
10) Check wiring for corrosion or damage
11) Lubricate all moving parts
12) Check thermostat operations
13) Clean, check and change humidifier pad(s) for humidifier (additional cost)

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Our office has recently been flooded with calls from upset consumers stating they are being harassed by a rude / aggressive "sales person" from All Season's Heating & Cooling. The name of the offender is All Seasons Heating and AIR, allegedly out of Chicago. The contact number used is 847-453-9484. Please beware of them!!

Our company name is ALL SEASON'S HEATING & COOLING. We service the Fox River Valley Area. We are asking that if you are contacted by All Seasons

Heating and AIR, please do the following to help us end their harassment:
1) Contact the Better Business Bureau at and file a complaint
using their scam report form.
2) Contact your local authorities and file a complaint.

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The Heat Is On…..

This isn’t just a popular Glen Frey song, it’s the perfect description of summertime in August. It is also the time of year service calls increase relating to the A/C “not cooling”.
Usually the issue is a frozen evaporator coil. When ice covers the evaporator coil or other A/C components such as the suction line (the visible copper pipe running from the condenser unit outside into the house) or the compressor, airflow is restricted through the vents resulting in the absence of noticeable cooling.

Common reasons for icing are as follows:
1. Leaking refrigerant
2. Furnace filter is dirty
3. Evaporator coil is dirty or clogged
4. Debris on the condenser motor
5. Blower motor to the furnace or condenser is faulty

Icing can lead to costly repairs but with a regularly scheduled maintenance program, the common reasons for icing can be addressed. All Season’s Heating & Cooling offers a variety of maintenance programs to fit your needs. Visit our website at or contact the office at 630-896-1934. We look forward to servicing your home comfort needs!!!

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Whether your air conditioner is newly installed or an older model, it is important to make sure you schedule the spring maintenance for it. Being proactive can help you:

1) Avoid Breakdowns & Repairs by finding and identifying problems BEFORE they occur. Staying cool is the name of the game when the temperatures soar.
2) Save Money by having a system that runs efficiently which reduces utility cost.
3) Help Your Equipment Last Longer because a system that operates smoothly and efficiently increases its life expectancy.

We hope these little tips are helpful and look forward to hearing from you. Please visit our website to learn about our additional services and monthly specials!!!! 

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Welcome to All Season’s Heating & Cooling

We excited to present our newly designed website! If you are looking for an HVAC technician in the Fox River Valley that is dependable and honest, All Season’s Heating & Cooling is the right place for you. Visit our website to learn more about our services and how we can assist you with the maintenance of your home.
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