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Red Tape and dealing with Home Affairs
I had one of  the most frustrating days today.  More frustrating than laying in bed for the last 3 months recouping from my treatment.  So I thought I would share.  In fact I have to share. And of course it had to do with dealing with RED TAPE! The first fr...

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The Final Countdown
Hello fellow bloggers and friends I have been sneakily writing on another blog.  It is one set up by a dear friend of mine who insisted I write about having throat cancer and my treatment. Originally he tried to talk me into writing all about it on this blo...

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No Sympathy Required
Hello dear world This post is written in a slightly different frame of mind to usual.  You see this post is written by a weaker me.  A me who has to admit that I am vulnerable.  That I am mortal.  A self realization that there are things that scare me and t...

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Money Talks
Good morning fellow bloggers and hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday.  I promised to start blogging a bit more and thought I would sit down for a few minutes today and post something about the business I'm in. I going to share a secret to success with...

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Lucky in Life and Lucky in Love
Decided to look at  my blog today.  Not done this for awhile.  Needless to say it brought back all sorts of memories.  Not only of a life gone by but also of all you fellow bloggers. I have had a few messages from a few of you asking me how I am and why I d...

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Born Free
I have been doing quite a bit of driving around our beautiful country lately and I have been shocked at some of the images I have seen over the last week.  This first pic is an indication of how beautiful our country is, but is unfortunately not the pretty ...

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Are you too smart to engage?
I don't typically talk about politics on my blog.  The main reason is that my blog is supposed to be about me and my journey in finding myself and the challenges I face.  And I have always felt that writing about politics and matters of the state make it ab...

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I Joined The Mile High Club
Just kidding!  Also not possible to do in a Cessna c172.  Well at least not comfortably anyway. If you all read my previous post What Would I Do With R5Million , I mention that I would love to learn to fly.  I gave my list of things to do some serious thoug...

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What would I do with R5Million (US$500)
A friend recently asked me what I would do with R5million (about US$500,000), assuming I would not give up my job.  Off the top of my head I gave a fairly boring reply as follows: I said I would like to pay off my apartment, put some into savings or investm...

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