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Mary Russell
So many books, so little time
So many books, so little time


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Next NHU-PAC Update
We continue to move forward with the state procurement
process to implement a new Statewide Interlibrary Loan Solution . We are now in the quiet period of the RFP process.
When a contract is approved by Governor and Council the vendor will be
announced and ...
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New Yardsale Listserv
Beginning today there is a new listserv for NHAIS libraries to use when offering items to their fellow libraries (for sale or for free) and where they can find what is being offered. It is called YardsaleNHAIS and is ready for subscriptions at http://mailli...
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ILL System Progress Update
An update from Michael York: Last week we sent to the Department of Information
Technology the RFP that the State Library developed for the new system. Key
people at DOIT  have reviewed the document  they will inform us of
any changes they saw necessary to ...
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NH Talking Book Services
Through a network of
cooperating libraries, The Library of Congress/National Library Service for theBlind and Physically Handicapped (NLS), administers a free library service for
individuals who are unable to read or use standard print materials because of ...
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Interlibrary Loan Update
New Hampshire Library Community From:       
  Michael York Subject       
Interlibrary Loan Date:          
March 5, 2018 I believe this incident report about the failure of the
equipment and software associated with the URSA  interlibrar...
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Memo on ILL
TO:                   New Hampshire Library Community FROM:            
Michael York SUBJECT:        ILL  Efforts DATE
:             February 23, 2018 This  posting it to let the
library community know  what we are doing to resolve the problem with the
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Barcode Price Increase
We have just been notified by our vendor, Reliance Barcode Solutions that due to significant price increases for raw materials they will be increasing the price they charge us for library barcode orders. The basic price has been (since 2015) $19.75 per thou...
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State Survey Update
From Tim Rohe , NH State Data Coordinator      I’ve gotten a few questions about
the Public Library Survey over the last week and I wanted to do my best to
address them.      One of the main questions I’ve
received is, “Is this the same thing as the state r...
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A Letter to the Library Community
The g oal of this update
is to present information about our current situation with regard to
the URSA ILL module along with our plans to fix automated ill and to
replace the Sirsi Dynix system.  Our plan to replace the Sirsi Dynix
system is in place and we...
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A message from the NH State Data Coordinator
     This is Tim Rohe, your new State
Data Coordinator.  I just wanted to let everyone know that we will be
starting the federal Public Library Survey next week!  Sorry to remain in
the shadows for so long; we have switched to a new vendor this year, Counti...
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