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Here's Why We Love Her So...
"This world has nothing for me, this life is not my own.   I know you go before me, and I am not alone.   This mountain rises higher, the way seems so unclear.   But I know that You go with me, so I will never fear... I will trust in You."   (Sidewalk Proph...

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Gratefulness and Heartache Collide
Rita Ora's soundtrack "Grateful" is a perfect description of what seems to be Jacoby's thoughts and feelings right now.  Honestly, I'm sure many of you can completely relate with the chorus of this song.   CHORUS: I'm grateful for the storm, made me appreci...

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Beautiful Life
"I am only one, but I am one.  I cannot do everything, but I can do something.  And I will not let what I cannot do interfere with what I can do." -- Edward Everett Hale   Please join us this Saturday for the "3rd Annual Run for Miles" 5K and Half Marathon ...

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Did you say... "Senior"?
says it best in Lord of the Rings, "Certainty of death, small chance of success... WHAT ARE WE WAITING
FOR?" That, my friends, is the Miles Family motto we choose to live by each and every
day. (Is our craziness starting to make sense now?) So with a ...

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I’m guessing the Good Lord grew weary of hearing us complain about the Great
Northwest's lack of sun and sent in "melting" temperatures. 
Yes, the high temps have been with us for the last several weeks now and
even though we are dripping... we are melting ...

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"Back of the Pack"
Runners.....TAKE YOUR MARK.....Ready......Set.........GO!!! Thousands of anxious runners began their 8K race through the streets of University Village just a few short weeks ago.  "Beat the Bridge" is a well established race which funds research on Juvenile...

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Our Dearest Blog Friends! I have been dreaming of writing this entry for 2 years!!! I have cried for it, yearned for it and prayed God would bless Jacoby with it. YOU GUESSED IT! JACOBY HAS NEW MOVEMENT!!! After 2 years of waiting, Jacoby made the discovery...

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Miracle Countdown Finale!
December 19th--Miracle 19 They were happening each and every day.....hour by by day....moment by moment. We had seen the drywalling and the truckload of supplies delivered at the exact moment needed, but it didn't end here.  A willing plumber fro...

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Miracles #17 and #18
December 17th--Miracle #17 Back at the home front, they needed someone to drywall. The pace was neck-breaking speed; getting a volunteer who not only knew HOW to drywall, but to drywall QUICKLY was going to prove to be the challenge. No one helping knew of ...

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Miracle #16
December 16th--Miracle #16 His name was Ashraf.  I was literally  on the verge of tears getting on the plane tonight...trying to figure out what just happened? What just compelled this young Middle Eastern man to go out of his way to get us on our flight ho...
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