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I think I fixed my contrast issues in gmail with this mockup. Any chance we can get a theme that does this? My eyes would love you for it! +Jason Cornwell +Chris Messina

Perhaps I can use browser plugins to hack it otherwise.
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Looks nice! Have you tried any of the themes?
I've tried the themes, but haven't stuck with any. They either feel like they have too much contrast, seem visually distracting in some way, or just aesthetically aren't my style. The Soft Gray one gets close to what I'm getting at in terms of defining parts of the UI, but it feels like it has even less contrast than the default theme. I think the default theme is beautiful, the spacing is perfect and everything, it just feels like it needs a bit more contrast and definition to help separate the parts of the page and prioritize the most important part - the content.
Great on the contrast. Wish you could submit it as a UI ticket to them. Looks like this is proving to be a problem for a lot of people. They might be able to solve this by bringing back some text in the buttons. Its no use if people have to think twice about their actions. I do like the really flat approach tho.
Well I did submit a link to it with some additional thoughts using their "send feedback" form and selecting all the options regarding UI feedback. I'd love more feedback from folks at google like +Jason Cornwell though ;) Thanks for saying you'd use this if it was a theme +Nicholas Dunn. It definitely means something if folks at google are saying that :)
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