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Steven Olsen
Comedy writer for Carl Sagan's Dance Party.
Comedy writer for Carl Sagan's Dance Party.

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My favorite sitcom is the one where none of the characters are capable of honesty and they all manipulate the people close to them.

Curious George is hard to take at face value when you know that monkeys smile as a threat display.

Most of the things credited to Thomas Edison were really invented by Jack Kirby.

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My favorite prehistoric animal is the redactyl. These terrifying creatures were always blotting out government documents in the Cretaceous.

In my hard science fiction novel a team of brilliant scientists pursues a revolutionary hypothesis. The experimental results are null.

WOMAN ABOUT TO FUCK LEONARDO DICAPRIO: I've always fantasized about this
LEONARDO: The real fantasy is thinking we can ignore global warming.

Every time I plan a daring heist, I always get busted during the introduction montage at the beginning.

No, that's a common mistake. Frankenstein is the scientist, that's Frankenstein's monster truck.

Due to an obscure loophole in the contract, Marvel Studios can make an X-Men movie without Fox, but only if Nicholas Cage plays 4 parts
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