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I went on a just-shy-of-100km ride today, around the western side of Denver, including riding up Lookout Mountain. Between the top of the Lariat climb and US40, I nearly got run down by five elk. They were in a big hurry to get somewhere, and alas I couldn't get a picture because A: I was busy trying to not hit them or get run over by them and B: elk move fast.
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More ride than I can do.
You need to snag your self a mini video cam, they are getting very economical even in HD and they can do an SD card on a loop. That way some thing exciting happens you just pull the card and pop in a spare and go on.
A woman on a bike out on the path which parallels 470 out near Morrison took a photo of a mountain lion resting in a cottonwood tree right next to the path. Too close.
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