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Workshop ( by Working Ontologist and DIQA is filling up nicely.  Contact me if you want a discount code.

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I'm running in this event (you can't really call it a 'race') in a few weeks to get support for the San Francisco AIDS foundation (SFAF). SFAF does a lot of good work on prevention and awareness of HIV-related issues, and provides assistance for HIV-positive people who need help with housing, medical costs, etc. Please consider sponsoring me, and help me meet my fundraising goal. Any amount, no matter how little, is appreciated.

I don't believe I am going to be out of town during the General Strike #OWS #OccupyOakland

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Another video from #OccupyOakland; sorry about the poor sound quality, the microphone blinks out when the sound level gets too high. Speaker summarizes what has happened in Ogawa Plaza in the past two days, and plans for a general strike next week.
Oakland Longshoreman

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Apparently some people believe that the protesters in Oakland have been violent. Here's a video my boyfriend took there last night - they are organizing a discussion group about a proposal to stage a public strike. I've been to book club meetings that were more violent than this.

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Celebrating National Coming Out Day by looking for someone who didn't already know that I am gay.

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What I did on "Talk like a Pirate day"
Talk like a Pirate Day
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A few more seconds marked off of my 15 minutes of fame; I was interviewed as a "man in the street" on a topic I am completely unqualified to speak on (the downgrading of the US credit rating). Apparently it aired - some friends of mine saw it.

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I'm traveling to Hamburg for business, but I couldn't resist booking this kitchy hotel. It used to be a brothel. It is also a lot cheaper than the executive hotels. It also isn't so far from the meeting location.

I got my iphone a bit wet today (running in a warm summer rain on the beach - does it get much better than that?). Now it is going nuts, executing random features every 10 seconds or so. Most of them are nonsense, but occasionally it calls someone. If I call you, and all you hear is background noise, that's why.
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