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Quadriga with Gophers
Quadriga with Gophers

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If you want to participate, please sign-up on the event page: RSVPs on G+ won't be enough. Thank you.

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Fellow Gophers,

after a busy month with Google I/O and Berlin’s very own Google I/O Extended, it is finally time for the next meetup with Go content.

Posteo kindly offered to host us this time around at their offices. We will gather at 6pm.

Posteo's very own Philipp Bruell will talk about an in-memory database which uses UDP Multicast to distribute its content among the instances.

Peter Bourgon has offered to talk about SoundCloud’s “roshi”, a CRDT set implementation for timestamped events.

Since our last open discussion was very well received, we would like to do another one. The topic of Operations with Go has consistently been brought up and since we have a lot of members who use Go in production, so we figured a lot of experience can be shared here. 

See you then,

the Organizers

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Join us for a close look at Android Wear with Hoi Lam, Google developer advocate and expert on everything wearable. This is your opportunity for a look behind the scenes, to share experiences and to hear the latest and greatest on the wearable computing frontier.

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Conventions is an example Go package that is loaded with documentation specifically targetting new developers that have done the Go Tour and have read the documentation on the "go" binary, but want to know more about writing packages and software.


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Added photos to Hardwired Gophers.

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Hello Gophers,

GopherCon is over and has been a great success. Everybody who went there is probably back by now and it's safe for us to have our next meetup.

Luckily, we already secured the talks for this meetup at last month's bar meetup:

Dirk Jablonowski is going to talk about using Go for hardware development - Tinkerforge, to be specific.

Sergiusz Urbaniak is going to show us how (and why!) to use ACME as your Go development platform.

Our sponsor for this meetup is Onefootball App, who kindly offered us their office space.

Please RSVP here:

Looking forward to seeing you all,
the organizers.

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Practical Cryptography With Go

This is an introduction to cryptography for developers. It assumes that you aren't looking for cryptographic theories, but practical ways to use cryptography in your projects. It covers the basic standard building blocks, and includes some sample code to help you get started.
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