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Julia Abenes
Works at CEO (Self Employed)
Attended University of California, Los Angeles
Lived in Waipahu, Hawaii
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Julia Abenes

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Congratulations to Miss Philippines Megan Young for winning Miss World 2013 in Bali! 
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She looks beautiful
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Julia Abenes

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Superheroic Effort: When a car was trapped inside a burning home, Batman and Captain America Rush in to save the day. #Batman #CaptainAmerica #Marvel 
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Julia Abenes

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Hello julia,your post is always star to the day,how are you?
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Julia Abenes

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Simple, but good. Caesar salad with Salmon. #lunch #health 
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Julia Abenes

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Tot is relaxing. Do not disturb. ^_^ #Caturday 
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Julia Abenes

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Meet Tot ^_^ #Caturday 
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these world
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Julia Abenes

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Awe, that's sweet. Literally. #Art 
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Julia Abenes

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Which reminds me, I need to change a lightbulb in my house. #Art 
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Julia Abenes

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Doesn't apply to me, but this is still funny! # 
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face book Lonnie William Pagle 
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Julia Abenes

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Haha, its good to be a cat ^_^ #Caturday 
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I am not certain how i have ended up with such pretty woman so i just say. it would I am perhaps an accedent.
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Julia Abenes

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You're very right dear I would love to know you more better if you don't mind! 
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Julia Abenes

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So cute 
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Contract/Glamour Model, Fitness Trainer, Entrepreneur, Artist, Nomad, Economist, Gamer, Student of Life
I don't really consider myself a high maintenance person even though a lot of people think that I am. What can I say? I do enjoy the finer things in life and living it to the fullest. I can never understand why people would always criticize those who take extremely good care of themselves anyway. There's nothing wrong about loving yourself, being nice to yourself and treating yourself well. I might not be the wealthiest person in the world but if I really like something, I'm definitely going to get it. Life is too short to worry about that kind of stuff. When it comes to the goals I'd like to achieve, I will pursue them relentlessly. There are no obstacles that I wouldn't try to overcome, no risks that I wouldn't be willing to take. I am very grateful for having such a great family, who is always there to support my dreams.

Although I enjoy going out with my friends to the movies, museums, beaches, parties, clubs and etc... Making new friends and meeting gorgeous guys, occasionally, I'd prefer to stay in on the weekends, writing journal or poetry on my Hello Kitty bed. I also love to read and have the biggest obsession with books. It is my curiosity that drives me to READ A LOT. I simply have to know. I constantly seek new ways to become better in every way.

Whenever I feel down or bored, I'd like to surround myself with soft music and lavender aromatherapy candles. I might also call one of my close friends and bug them until their phone battery die out. When I need to de-tress myself, I would take a drive at night, feeling the fresh cool breeze and releasing my tension out on the road. Then I'd come home to indulge myself with a hot bubble bath while having some Krispy Kreme donuts, or Haagen Daz coffee ice cream. I wouldn't worry about all those calories until the next day.

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Bragging rights
Traveled to over 10 different countries. Lived in 4. Bench Press 250 + pounds.
  • University of California, Los Angeles
    Psychology & Finance, 2004 - 2008
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Friends, Dating, A relationship, Networking
Fitness Trainer ♥ Fitness Model ♥ Artist ♥ Traveler ♥ Contract Model ♥ Glamour Model ♥ Entrepreneur
  • CEO (Self Employed)
    Fitness Trainer, present
  • 24-Hour Fitness
    Fitness Trainer, 2009 - 2010
  • Sears Holdings Corporation
    Cashier, 2007 - 2008
  • Hooters
    Cashier/Waitress, 2005 - 2006
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Waipahu, Hawaii - Copenhagen, Denmark - Los Angeles, California - London, Great Britian - La Union, Philippines
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