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Congratulations to +Caleb Allison who has been published! His Bachelor of Honours dissertation supported by the Manaiakalani Education Trust throughout the MDTA programme is in the
International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies

New Setting, Same Skill: Teaching Geography Students to Transfer Information Literacy Skills From Familiar to Unfamiliar Contexts
Caleb Allison, Kumar Laxman, Mei Lai


Existing research shows that high school students do not possess information literacy skills adequate to function in a high-tech society that relies so heavily on information. If students are taught these skills, they struggle to apply them. This small-scale intervention focused on helping Geography students at a low-socioeconomic high school in Auckland, New Zealand to transfer information literacy skills from familiar to unfamiliar topics. It tested whether teaching information literacy skills via direct instruction, and then giving students the opportunity to use these skills in structured practice sessions online, would help them transfer those skills. The need for the study arose from a gap in existing research into teaching information literacy for transfer. The findings of this study indicated that it was relatively easy for the students to learn to formulate search queries, but they need more help evaluating information sources. The findings also showed that direct feedback from a teacher is vital to teaching information literacy. The findings are significant in that they add to a growing body of research that teaching information literacy through practical research projects is potentially more effective than decontextualising the skills and teaching them as a standalone topic. Furthermore, the findings support existing research that teacher feedback is a necessary component of teaching information literacy.

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Really appreciate one of our teachers alerting us this week to the problem Quiz Up has been causing in some of our schools.
Within 24 hrs of notifying us (the Manaiakalani Innovation Team):
Fusion had blocked it from all Manaiakalani schools, Linewize has blocked it and then N4L blocked it across NZ schools.

We would like to remind you all that as a community we are here to support each other with these kinds of issues and we can do much more than simply applying a fix in one school if we speak up :)

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Interesting read for teachers and leaders in schools using G Suite.

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Anyone planning on revisiting ANZAC at the beginning of Term 2?
Check out this site
+Kim Hines +Natasha Power - Thanks for creating and sharing your multi-modal Anzac Site. Will be a great resource for teachers across our clusters.

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This simple way to create a sound proof recording booth for iPads in the classroom could be adapted for Chromebooks I reckon. Just buy the next size up plastic crate from the Warehouse, Payless Plastics etc. All those fabulous DLOs our kids make with poor quality audio could be taken to a new level.
Please let us know if anyone gives it a go!

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"Developing in Digital Worlds project" - Stuart McNaughton and Naomi Rosedale.
You will remember Prof McNaughton giving us a few minutes of feedback on this project at our February 7th research feedback session at Tamaki College.
Tomorrow, Pt. England School on Tuesday afternoon (28th March; 3:30 – 5:30 pm). Afternoon tea provided.

Link to his presentation here

Please sign up :)

This is an opportunity to work with global experts on critical thinking and argumentation.

The session will consist of two parts:
Session one: Profiling feedback including argumentation
Session two: Developing a community of online learning with Cynthia Greenleaf, one of the authors of the "Reading Apprenticeship" model. Cynthia works as an international expert in scientific argumentation. The CooL would focus on teacher design and re-design of argumentation in science to develop student critical thinking, collaborative reasoning and other important, related 21st century skills

All Manaiakalani educators are warmly invited to this afternoon tea and opportunity to hear from international experts.

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Google Slides have finally become a viable option for public presentations!
We now have control over the timing and playing of video in Google presentations. Prior to this when working in split screen it was a clumsy scramble to try and locate your cursor on a different screen and click the video to play. And movies had to be edited to the exact length required. Two major limitations which kept me wedded to Apple's Keynote.
Things are looking way more positive for Slides.


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Albany Junior High School have shared a Site they have made which is a repository for literacy resources from Years 7-10. You may find some useful.
You may look at it and have ideas about how Manaiakalani teachers could create and share resources based around "Wide and Deep" reading.
Comment below if you have ideas :)

CoL roles re-advertised:
There are two across school CoL Teacher roles and up to 5 CoL teacher within school roles being advertised.
Applications close 5pm Monday 27 February
All principals have the application process documents.

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The Video recording of WF feedback on February 7th has been shared online with slides and video edited together. Thanks to +Dave Winter for this resource.
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