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Pushpendra Shekhawat
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Pushpendra Shekhawat

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Pushpendra Shekhawat

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Elephant facts for kids
There are two types of elephant, the Asian elephant and the African elephant (although sometimes the African Elephant is split into two species, the African Forest Elephant and the African Bush Elephant). Elephants are the largest land-living mammal in the ...
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plz SaVe water 
plz donate blood 
plz be humble
plz careful about envirnonement
plz be poliet with everyone
plz save trees 
plz save animals 
plz save forests

plz even 
do one of them

talk to me and know 
feel gd with friends.i love to make a new friends Find it difficult to trust ppl 
But once i do,i like fighting with them.. 

My life is mine..dont live by other's rules...make my own and abide by it 

You know how these  stuff like favourite movie,music, blah blah blah.. so i was thinking.. hey, most of my friends already know all that about i made a list of stuff you might not no about me.. 

Fav bird: Blue Jay 
Fav flower: sunflowers , orchids 
Fav vegetable: brocoli(god knows why ppl hate it so much) 
Fav fruit: mango 
Fav insect: ants i guess 
Fav animal: elephant and tigher 
Fav cartoon: NarUtO,poo pai 
Fav designer: D & G, although ,Guicci comes a very close second 
Fav time of the year: vacation time! 
Fav perfume: Bvlgari's omnius(or something like that), lomani 
Fav cuisine: indian ,rajasthani 
Fav pass time: gupsup, listening to music 
Fav city in India: jaipur 
Fav city in the world: London 

Want to live in Florence or Milan 
Want to watch the whole Godfather series and not switching it off in the middle of it coz of boredom 
Want to understand Accounts just once 
Want to go on Splash Mountain 
Want to meet Hitler and figure out why exactly he did what he did 
Want to see things through other ppl's eyes and feel wat goes on in that mind of theirs 

Hate kerela 
Hate jewellery 
Hate being all happy when you feel all miserable and sucky inside 
Hate being pretentious 
Hate fake ppl 
Hate the fact that wars have to take place and the innocent hav to suffer... not the ppl who cause the wars but the innocent bystanders 
Hate pollution 
Hate seeing my friends suffer...wish i could take all the bad things out of their lives 

Wish that life would be an endless maze of beauty and peace and not atrophying all the time.. 

Scandles i love... being a part of it i dont 

So that's me
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Good place for rest and food on the way of jaipur
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