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Howard Kiyuna
Husband, Dad, Educator, Director of Tech for HTS. Statements are my own. @howkiy
Husband, Dad, Educator, Director of Tech for HTS. Statements are my own. @howkiy

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I recently wrote about our students'  efforts using MIT's App Inventor.  The only thing more inspiring than the collaboration and problem solving has been their desire to continue to work at home (without any prompting).  Read the message below (that I received over the weekend.
Dear Mr. Kiyuna:

I’m now experimenting with ai2 App Inventor, and I think I have made some discoveries that may have opened some new doors! It’s amazing! Here’s a screenshot of part of my code (of Screen1, and ignore the text bar thing):

          [See attached image]

I think I have figured out how to make these things:

-  An experience point system.
-  Replacing text with what users typed in (in this case, the penguin’s     name replacing “Egg”)
-  Autosaving

I found out these things by experimenting with variables, the tiny database, labels and the math blocks. I wanted to tell you this so it could help on the apps other students are making. There are at least a couple using the tiny database, so I thought this would be a useful discovery. I will work on this app some more and see if I can discover more things.


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Announcing: CK-12’s new partnership with Google Classroom. #GoogleClassroom


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Classroom tips for inclusive education!

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My Graduation Speech 2015...

This is to the graduates,

Before our official Good Bye, we wanted to share with you what have meant to us as teachers.

In the time that we have spent together you have all grown tremendously.  I know this morning we had a chance to give out awards but we thought it was appropriate and necessary to honor all of you at this time as well.

As you look around, it is obvious that everyone is very proud of you. And you should be proud of yourselves as well.  

This year we asked of you to embrace the challenges of growing up in front of one another and to overcome your differences and take care of each other. And you did.

Some of you have been here for as long as you can remember going to school, while others joined recently. And over this year you have become a class - a community of learners. I have watched you help one another.  I’ve watched you be extremely vulnerable and transparent about your weaknesses.  And you were able to do this without being ridiculed or made fun of. That is what makes this school special. You are what makes this school special.

You’ve worked harder than we knew you could and you’ve shared honestly when things were too tough.  You battled through being challenged with noise, crowds, and past school experiences.  You’ve excelled academically and done things you did not think possible 4 years ago! All of these accomplishments were possible because of who you are as a class. You made it possible for others to take risks  - every hour - of every day  - over the last 10 months - you’ve shown up - and you’ve made this a safe haven and you need to know that this has made a significant difference in someone else’s life. 

You have shown us what is possible - that this is possible - and that it works - that it  works well!  I am very proud of you all.  I wish you the very best in life. I am confident that you will take everything that you have experienced here and build your lives on it. 

Thank you all and Congratulations!

Mr. Kiyuna
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Build the majestic LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel, the star of the fairground, featuring 12 colorful suspended gondolas with opening doors, ice cream stall, kiosk, 10 minifigures and more! Coming June 2015.
LEGO Creator Ferris Wheel
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#Windows10  for IoT is now available for Raspberry Pi 2 as a developer preview. There's a ridiculously cool #HoloLens /robot demo, too.

#raspberrypi   #Build2015   #IoT

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Yet the United States is in no danger of turning everyone into four-year college graduates. Only about a third of young adults today receive a bachelor’s degree. The new research confirms that many more teenagers have the ability to do so — and would benefit from it.

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