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Tommy Brownell

I look at that Witcher RPG character sheet and I'm thinking "maybe just Savaging it isn't such a bad idea after all".

I'm too old for that many stats.
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My friend’s mom is gone my heart hurts like Hell today.
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The politics got me (legit, they opened the job without telling anybody, closed it, then told everyone "Oh, it was open on this site by accident").

But my boss is still telling his boss that he's worried about losing me to this other job, so he needs to throw money at me to keep me, even though he knows full well I was politiced and am going nowhere.

I do love my boss. He was never the reason I was looking at other jobs.
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Watching people you love slowly die absolutely sucks.

But, unfortunately, you all probably already know that by now.
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Harlow: "It's not working."
Me: "What's not working."
Harlow: "Daddy."
Me: "Daddy's not working?"
Harlow: "Yeah."
Me: "Well, it is Daddy's day off. Daddy works pretty hard normally."
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Sneezing with an apparently pulled back muscle is complete bullshit.

Thought you should know.
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Honestly? All things being equal?

I'm the most "at peace" I've been with life in at least two years. There are still things I wish were different, and still things that I wish were better, but for the first time in a looooong time, I don't feel like I'm getting crushed under the weight of everything. And I feel like I can start trying to change and improve those things.

And people have noticed it in my face and the way I walk. Amy has noticed it. I'm trying very hard to run with this feeling. To nurture it and make it the standard, instead of the exception, which goes against my wiring, as many of you know.
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So after much deliberation, I’m going to apply for a management position that opened up with one of our sister companies. As much as I like my boss, I feel like I’m doing myself a disservice if I don’t take a crack at it. I was pretty successful the last time I was in a position like that and now I’m both more experienced and more humble, and so I think I can offer them the best version of me.
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I'm not much for bragging on myself, but the picture on the left is from 1997. The picture on the right is from 2018.

I think I've actually aged pretty damn well.

I credit clean living.
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I've gotten a few completely random emails asking me to distribute files I don't have the legal right to distribute, and from people who don't even have a real name on their email.

(Specifically material for licensed RPGs that are no longer on the market.)

Good idea as a reviewer and a freelancer: Letting a PDF watermarked with my name out into the wild, even if it's no longer legally available. No thanks.
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