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After a terrible attempt at launching a new one-on-one D&D 5E game that ended in death for the sole PC, I think next on our gaming agenda is going to be Beyond the Wall with the above player and my son.

Sometimes you realize how great it is that things like Kickstarter are out there to help people make their big ambitions become reality.

And sometimes you realize that some people really probably need that harsh reality to keep their ambitions in check, rather than just selling people on a great concept, some nice art and maybe a few prototype models.

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Quick update for the new year.

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My second AMP affiliation guide just released!
Affiliation Guide: Hounds Out today! See what it's like to be a government-controlled AMP. This information may save your life in the Chamber. With writing from +Tommy Brownell and art from Gunship Revolution.

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I'm not sure I'm in love, but I'm definitely infatuated.

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I don't really like doing this (or posting anything non-gaming over here), but this is kind of a big deal (to me and my family, anyway).

Played more The One Ring tonight. I think Tommy and Russ are humoring me as much as anything. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. Definitely feel like it could use a couple of handouts like I tend to use with Savage Worlds, though. Russ' dwarf is slowly losing his mind to Shadow, and Tommy's Beorning is fighting back against the lure of darkness.

Had a pretty epic moment tonight when an eldritch creature in Mirkwood was killing the group and Tommy's Beorning managed to scare it back into the earth with an Epic Feat on an Awe roll.

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Just in time for Halloween, Pinnacle is giving my Deadlands adventure "Love on the Mountain" away as a free preview for the rest of the Savage Tales of Horror books. All you NEED to run it is the Savage Worlds rulebook!

For those of you who follow my ramblings and such and who aren't Facebook friends with me: My blog momentum got a little derailed after my Dad had a stroke last Tuesday. Took us completely by surprise and the time since then has basically been Sleep-Work-Hospital-Repeat. He is showing marked improvement, but he's about to be discharged before he's ready due to a lack of insurance. I haven't posted about it over here because I generally try to keep to gaming posts over here with the oddball personal post (usually pictures).

Hopefully, reviews will return to the blog soon.


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I've been watching Ash vs Evil Dead season one (no spoilers, please, only halfway there), and it occurs to me that if one wanted to game that, Shane Hensley and Eden Studios, Inc. did half the work for you about ten years ago.
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