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How to invite people by email or contact list to Google+
(July 3 note: this was written on Jun 29, second day of Google+ launch, before Google opened inviting ability and then shut it down again. This technique may or may not work now, as Google is trying to control growth. I am getting emails from around the world asking for Google+ invites, maybe because this post comes up high on Google search results. Last report is my invites are not going through now, perhaps of a long queue).

1. Create a post. I suggest something that explains that the post is being used to invite them to Google+, also explaining that invites are being limited. (They will get that post in an email with the first few words as the subject line)

2a. Inviting by suggested contact list: Create a circle with everyone you want to invite in your contact list (I created one called, creatively, "Invitees"). Add that circle under "Share"
2b. Inviting by email: Typing their names directly into the box under what you want to share, where it says "+Add more people."

3. Hit share.

Note, I've been informed by a Googler+ that invites are rate limited by hour. So if they can't click through that first time, they can try again later with same link. (You don't need to resend it)
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This worked. Thanks much for the info!
invites are live! look in the lower right!
I just figured out a faster way. Add someone to your circle. Forward a share email that you sent out earlier to that person. That person can click on the link in the email to get in. You don't have to wait for Google to send out a new shared email.
There is now a link on the right-hand side of the stream page to just directly invite people to join.
Question on this: can I reuse the same post to invite other people then, or should I create always a new one?
This post turns up on google search results. interesting, they started mining already?
its not working for me..My friend isn't getting an email with the invite..i tried creating a post and sharing with him..!
Are you from XDA jw how ppl got in and I'm trying to find more freinds on here.
Yes I am don't remember who invited me but it was via email.
You? And are we friends on here?
I added you to my xda circle I'm working on some themes for evokings alliance 7.5 right now for him if you have a evo 4g check it out.
Thank you so much.. This is what I'm looking for.. my friends keep asking me to invite them to google+, but I haven't found the way yet.. Well Done..
Is it possible to invite like the other social media sites do? (e.g., send email to your address book)
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