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Search Engine Blogger, PPC Marketer


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Voted One of the Top Marketing Agencies in Colorado!

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Fantastic "how to" community building guide here.
The Truly Monumental Guide to Building Online Communities

"So, you want to learn about building online communities?  Then you’ve come to the right place..."

"We’re here to amuse you with tools, processes and the occasional llama joke (and yes, you may just learn something about building online communities)."

In this epic guide, +Mackenzie Fogelson and the +Mack Web Solutions team teach you everything you need to know about community building.

It covers the basics of community building, great community building tools, a step-by-step process, and SO MUCH MORE!!!

#seo   #community   #communitybuilding  

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Nice article from an expert on Social and SEO
Social Media and SEO Blend with +Eric Enge

Besides all the insights about where social media & search marketing stand we learned about some of Eric's (and team) findings:
1) people choose search over social and directly asking their friends (shocking, to most of us, survey results from 400 people surveyed)
[check on Monday]
2) Continuation of Eric's study/presentation at #SMX  Advanced:
Google+ shares alone (no other signals involved) dramatically effects indexing while Facebook shares don't effect indexation at all.
Both G+ and Facebook shares (no other signals involved) don't show ranking evidence so far.

Special thank you to +Dana Lookadoo, +Jill Whalen, +Zeph Snapp, +Donnie Strompf, +Tony Dimmock, +Demian Farnworth, +Wissam Dandan, +Steve Webb and everyone else who watched, contributed and shared this event.

#maximpact   #socialmedia   #seo   #indexing   #rankings  

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Nice list of local search ranking factors.
The Local SEO Search Ranking Factors Factors Results are in! And +David Mihm has all the goodies and insights. 

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For those in the SEO community this guy is one of the smartest with some of the most actionable tactics I know.  He's looking to speak at an industry conference.  You can find out more about him and vote at:

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Great article on some info that Google uses to decide about what snippets to choose to display.
Snippets from Page Content - How Does Google Decide

A patent granted to Google last year explores algorithms that Google might use when it decides to take a snippet from the content of a page.

It might give different weights to different paragraphs based upon language dependent signals as well as the type of query being searched for. 

A query that tends to show search results that start with things like abstracts or extended introductions might have a query chosen from the start of a page.

A query that tends to show search results with conclusions might have a query chosen from the end of a page.

Some of the other signals are pretty interesting, too.

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The state of the long tail....looks great.
Long tail keywords account for 87% of the conversions from search. Neil has it right! Kapoww!
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