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Now, this would be a lot more convenient, and more economical, then me flying out to get one....
Commenting in here also, trying to increase my chances...
Fantastic competition! I must have one of these! ;)
Great giveaway, and internationally! I'm in!
ooooh I wonder if someone has worked out how to run ubuntu on it :D
Why do I also have in my circles? Are you trying to confuse me.
Awesome compitition :)
Looking forward to having the Kindle Fire :)
Another great giveaway! You guys are awesome.
I wish more sites did international Competitions! Thanks :)
I'd love to gift this prize to a family member if I won!
Broke my last tablet, hopefully I win this :)
Lyn Lin
I want the KINDLE Fire!! :)
Nice little tab. Gotta be worth a punt. :)
would love to own this lovely piece of machinery... keep on having these kinds of competition frequently :) kudos !!
I never win these things! Good luck to all!
Very exciting competition.. wish me luck...
I would love this! I'd root it and flash so many different things on it!
I'm confused: What's the connection between Android and Kindle?
I really love FYA and this competition :) 
Not nearly as cool as the iBackFlip Somersault!
dreaming for the android tablet.. hope to have one..
Oh, I wanna win! My nook took a digger last week so I could really use this!
Green, flappy headed Android says: I want to win a Kindle Fire.
A. M.
It's mine already :D
Hoping to win this amazing prize!
I would love a Kindle Fire. They are awesome.
Would be handy to take around every where, my TF is just too big sometimes! You can never have too much android!
I hope I win but good luck everybody!
Yup, would be wonderful to win a kindle fire :)
I would love one :) Please pick me :D
Would be nice to play with it. Interesting device.
Nice and easy contest. That's the way I like 'm! :)
My birthday is on the of february. The kindle would be a great bday present.
I also want this.........
i hope i win..
Cool device. Been wanting one of these...
+1 to Android and Free your Android
I tweeted & commented and I really, really, really, really want to win a Kindle Fire!!!
Do I hear something about a chance to win a kindle fire? =p
i need a tablet this could work out good.
I need to win one of these before I have to go and buy one!
has anyone heard about water cloud in space with black whole in it
I would really love to win it. Btw I love your competitions as I can participate from Hungary
Shut up and Take my money,,,,, ohhhh wait.... this is free gift :D
Great competiton! Anyone know if you can get Cyanogen to run on one of these?
This is a great site! I'm glad I was able to find your site due to the giveaway! Look forward to hearing from you guys!
Fingers crossed!!
fingers crossed, this would be great for my parents!
Tom Pan
Hope I win!! Entered past contests and never won =(
Would definitely like to own this!!!
Great folks with good info for us of the andriod persuasion. Great gifts too :-)
Tablet sounds great!. It would really make my year sonce I never win anything. :-( . Good luk to everyone
Really excited to be a part of this give away.You guys are doing a fantastic job as a team & becoming a sort of pioneer when it comes to android news,views & reviews.Keep up the good work guys.
Ste Mck
More features than a kindle. If I win, I'll end up not reading my books! 
I love getting good stuff like Android. Thanks for the offer to try for it. Also ....................... FreeYourAndroid has not filled out their profile yet. Get someone on that OK?
Great site,great give away. Keep up the good work!
My HTC Hero is kinda old and is real bad for reading, so yeah, a kindle fire would be awesome!
I'd love one of these, my Hero's tired.....
Id love a kindle x Im a huge Android Fan (Im a UK Samsung Mobiler)
I'd love to win a Kindle Fire. Thanks for the giveaway!
There's not a damn chance in hell that I'd actually win but I'm entering anyway.
haha seems like im not the only one still rocking my hero, gee-wiz its literally on its last breath. Bring it on you VillainRom badboys!
will they just drop it on the doorstep like what they did in the ad? O.o
If I win this, first thing I'm doing is rooting it ;)
I already have a Kindle Fire and love it! I could use another one for my daughter. :)
Parag K
I'd love to get one for my Mom who is also an android fan... :) 
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