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Do you want to know what happens at the #babbq12  ? Well, Free Your Android wants to send +Pete Yagmin , but we need YOUR help!  

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Check out how +Pete Yagmin feels about not receiving timely updates on the Verizon Galaxy Nexus. How do you feel about this?  

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We know that the posts have been slow lately, and we're sorry. So here's some updated facts to hold you guys over! 

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Thinking of getting a case for your phone? Read this review by +Christina Cooper about her first +Cruzerlite case!

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Looking to get a little extra cash for your technology fix?  Look no further, +Swappa is here!  Check out our review on Swappa! 

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Curious about Jellybean and its features? Check out part 1 of our Jellybean review! 

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So I have decided to create a Photo Event based on time. 

The idea of this is to try out the new event feature and take some fun photos while we are at it.

So throughout your day at specific times i would like you to take pictures of certain things or from certain perspectives

the layout is like this:

1. take a picture of your alarm clock when you wake up tomorrow.
2. take a picture of your breakfast.
3 at 11:30 take a picture of the back of your head
4 take a picture of the seat you sat in for lunch
5 at 3:30 take a picture of the view from the closest window
6 at end of work/school day take a photo of your mode of transport home
7 take a picture of the plate you ate dinner off
8 take a picture of the sunset
9 take another picture of your alarm clock just before you sleep.

There we have it. 9 photos in one day which should collate in the event

Remember that party mode will be on on your phone. ANY photo you take will upload to it. so no taking pictures of your privates!

Anyone who wants an invite please say so in the comment of this post and i will add you

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What's coming in Jellybean? Check it out here!

Project Glass just got demoed at I/O. 
They're about to hangout while skydiving. 

Google+ Events have been announced! 

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