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I strongly agree with this.
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agreed. firefly was was the best show ever on television.
Couldn't agree more. Firefly is one of a very few western shows that I don't hate.
why would you even create a show like jersey shore?
it's pathetic
why would i want to watch someone else's crappy life

i have had my own to worry about since firefly has been cancelled
Agreed! Only way to make it change it by supporting with your money. Buy firefly (and other good content) and never ever put a dime or time towards jersey shore.. will it change things.. probably not much, but it sure as hell wont help it and thats enough for me.
"Keeping Up With the Kardashians" has just been renewed for three seasons!!

What's wrong with "Keeping up with the Cardassian"? its a star trek spinoff, right?
Yes! Shit like this makes me so angry. Even worse.... I have friends that have no clue what Firefly is but they support this Jersey Shore bullshit. They don't know what real entertainment is.

I need smarter friends -_-

I agree with +Halfey Halphstein I'm never interested in Western-themed stories but Firefly was amazing. Such a perfect blend of Western and Science Fiction that it actually made me enjoy the half of the genre that I never liked before.
That does some up the state of TV in the USA pretty well. No network wants to spend money on making real shows anymore, all they make now is is one after another cheap reality show. Remember when the Syfy Channel used to make scifi shows(When is WWE scifi?). At least HBO and Stars still makes some things original, but with them there is a caveat, you have to pay for there services and there seasons are ten episodes long, not twenty-two too twenty-six like they were in the past.
TV is FUBAR....That is why I hardly watch it anymore!
Well IHO, its not the state of television, its the state of the ingnorant m*** f***s who watch this crap. If people didn't watch Jersey Shore, it wouldn't be on television.
+Chris Payne Too right. Although I only managed to watch a few episodes back then (because of school) I enjoyed it to its fullest. It is a futuristic sci-fi show but for me it feels so real and doesn't feel too fictional.
I see the same with Farscape. they should continue it and firefly.
Exactly James Wark. Somebody is watching that stuff. The future of TV will be many more shows for niche markets. The big budget productions are going away.
People like the Jersey Shore. People didn't like Firefly. Sorry your favorite show was unpopular. Cry more?
+Yudha Inggar I don't like those alien races in Farscape though. Actually I don't like the idea of "aliens do exist" either so I'm very 'incompatible' with that show. That's why I prefer Firefly better. In terms of anime, Firefly is close enough to being Cowboy Bebop.
there corney you need to watch the bad girls club that sh*t is good
4.7 million viewers per episode and many millions of dollars in DVD sales is hardly unpopular. Also, if you didnt like firefly then why are you not spending your time supporting something that you actually like. :)
i wish all web social networks (facebook, google+, twitter,...) have provided private maneuver, so users may pick and choose what shows up to their screens by eliminating what they don't care for much
Biggest truth of the century.
I'm gonna be sick.
Thank goodness Serenity was made!
It is dreadful - I was watching Firefly again the other night - excellent, whereas I wouldn't contaminate my eyeballs with Jersey shore - or as they have here in the UK "The only way is Essex"
Ha ! I agree it should be removed from the network...maybe replaced with a google hangout !
This seems to be the case with a lot of good TV, especially sci-fi. the good stuff gets cancelled and the drivel runs forever.
Don't blame television, blame stupid retards that demand stupid programming. TV would show a flaming piece of shit for hours if it made them money. Looks like they are. 
The bell curve is real. Turns out the left side of the bell curve rules what's on the tube.
The problem with a lot of Sci-Fi for us in Europe is that it gets launched in the states and we might get to see it weeks or months later, so people just download it instead and then it looks like it's not being watched when it finally does appear - often by the time we get it the shows have been canned anyway.
because it's much cheaper to shoot a trashy reality show than it is to pay a team of talented writers...sad.
Exactly the reason why I stopped watching TV, I get into a series and it is canceled and all the rest of the eye cancer that is on is not even worth my time
+Max Lanz -- it's not that the show wasn't popular, it was a stupid decision by the Fox Corp. Firefly had and still has millions of fans (aka Browncoats), many of whom were so dedicated to the show that they took out a whole newspaper ad begging Fox not to cancel Firefly. The reason it had such a low viewership at first was because Fox decided at the last minute the pilot "didn't have enough action" (it opens in the middle of a war zone for crying out loud. how much more action do you need???), so Joss Whedon was forced in one weekend to write up "The Train Job" in one weekend which was then aired as the "pilot". While it is an excellent episode (especially for one written so quickly), it really doesn't introduce the characters and suck in the audience the way that the original pilot "Serenity" does.

It's a shame that tv production companies have such a low view of the viewing public that they think we are morons who prefer superficial fluff to quality tv shows like "Firefly" that are a pleasure to watch.
Agreed!! Only retards find enjoyment from watching other retards... I wana watch decent TV not trash.
I liked Firefly, but felt it fell down on the casting...unlike his earlier show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, where he was fortunate not only to have the superb abilities of Sarah Gellar in the lead role, but even some fresh faces that turned out to be immensely talented...
Compared to horseshit like jersey shore however, Firefly was in an entirely different class...
TV has become as entertaining as my carpet - it's there, it's gathering dust, it gets cleaned ...but that's about it.
I refuse to pay for cable or satellite anymore. PBS is enough for me. If I find something that sounds interesting I download it, legal or otherwise.
It's a fine line I walk between being disgusted at how much money the Jersey Shore cast makes and being grateful that no matter what happens, I will never be like any of them. xD
This is anecdotal but: Everyone I know watches or at least has heard of Jersey Shore. Firefly, on the other hand is known almost exclusively among my nerdier circles of friends. I'm not saying Jersey Shore is good or that Firefly is bad. Jersey shore makes money and Firefly didn't (Or at lease not enough) and was canceled. I'm sorry something you like didn't attain the critical mass needed to sustain a profitable viewer-base.
Actually, it should be "Cancelled BEFORE 1 full season"
Firefly + Serenity = watch over and over and over get the idea. Jersey Shore? Er, no, never seen it, never will!
Television has become so asinine that I only watch the news! I refuse to be dumbed down with these nasty, moronic reality shows that they bombard us with! Actors with real talent have their shows cancelled while stupid, useless reality stars get to have their shows. Dumb viewers who watch these idiotic shows are to be blamed too!
Yea!! i second that motion... Reality tv is phuccin up the airwaves
I think that is part of the point here. What people choose to watch (therefore makes money). It is the start of idiocracy.
+Max Lanz My understanding wasn't that it wasn't being watched or wasn't making good money. I understood the real issue was that Fox had three shows all from the same producer and didn't want to keep carrying it. I mean, Joss Whedon had already produced them a ton of money with Buffy and Angel, why would they think Firefly wouldn't do the same thing given time. On the other hand, you are right that ignorant people really love watching Jersey shore.
I am with +Em Walk the casting was great for Firefly was fantastic, I even think that Adam Baldwin was good in that role, and especially since Inara was HOT!!!

And i dont think they will make a Serenity 2, because they killed off two of the original characters
Agreed, most TV show today are for the viewer's with the IQ of soil (Although soil will probably still be more intelligent), and why do they call it reality TV, it is probably the furthest thing from reality. I can't really comment on "Jersey Shore" as I haven't really watched it, only watched 5min of it once to realize that it is about "Common Filthy Disease Ridden Whores" ...... actually whores have more decency and class, .... the only thing that the cast of Jersey shore is good for is for curing STD's like crabs..... cause if you have crabs, just wave your privates in their direction and even the crabs will leave your privates running for their lives at the thought of what they might pick up from those dirty STUPID idiots.

PS: More Stargate SG1, and less (rather make it F-all) shows like jersey shore.
being a nerdy-freak hipster myself, i belive it is because we dont really tune into reality tv or even mainstream tv too much---why? Im half Italian and half Bolivian. I find it amusing to see how the typical Italian in New Jersey is visualized because of Jersey shore. Then there is the typical "hispanic'looking individual. TV is a facde and reflection of pop culture. fake as fuck. I think of that poor lidsey Lohan and what the media made her into along with her stage mom and Dad. There is a girl with talent,(brittany Spears another)who allowed the media to suck her energy dry.. Lots of pilots fail. Lots of people full on do entire series of shows thinking they will be on tv and their pilot gets locked into a list of maybes. For all the writers,do not dispair. NO MORE REALITY TV shows. We need more sitcoms again. Just as simple as that. I hope more original writing evolves and that television is re-established so I dont have to repeat watching Independent films and dvds of funny tv shows. We need more arrested development, cheers and 30rock. Less of that reality bullshit. Its a bunch of wanna be actors that will do anything for the limelight. Loser fucks.
and how long do you think people been keeping up with kadashian.. television demand is insane.. but demand is demand.
I cant watch television anymore because of this, even the news has become more of a realty show than actual news. We dont have cable, we watch netflix. And i really enjoyed Firefly!
I've actually never seen any of these shows. And Jersey shore I just refuse to watch!
I stopped watching TV after Battlestar Galactica ended. I guess I missed whatever that show is next to Firefly. Darn.
People that are intelligent enough to do it just download and stream the stuff they want to see. Leaving the lowest common denominator to watch the reality/celebrity crap
Yeah, TV and the watching all the Stupid Pet TV Exec Tricks are dead to me. Firefly sealed the coffin. I am now a rogue agent, roaming the bandwidth for places like fastpasstv and movies...TPB when I am in total "arrrrr" mode.

Hey networks....stupid is as stupid does.
Sad, but true. It's really much better if you just avoid the networks. Since there's nearly nothing on them worth seeing, it's actually pretty easy.
+Gordon McIntosh download and stream the stuff 'illegaly' that made such good series like firefly been cancelled, it got fanbase.. but not the one who open the tv and watch it.
someone needs to get Joss Whedon to do a kickstarter for a season 2. I would toss in $50 bucks easy and I know just about every firefly fan would do the same. Lets forget the movie ever happened and start where season 1 left off
It's easy to dismiss something that everyone here has admitted to never having watch as being stupid, equally for it's fan base. A lot of elitist people need to get off their high horse and accept that maybe Firefly wasn't the greatest gift to humanity.
No, that's not true. Firefly was canceled because of a pi$$ing contest between network execs and Joss Whedon. The Network flexed their muscles in retaliation by showing the entire series out of order then issuing the kiss of death by moving it to the graveyard of TV viewing...Friday night.

Firefly was only heavily streamed/pirated after the fact. I did However purchase the DVD version of "serenity" in support of them releasing a two hour movie that "tied up" some loose ends.
It's not tv. They are giving the people what they want..
really good info. but some good series cancelled for that reason though.
I disagree.....Firefly by far, beats the Jersey Shore Crap any day, hands down....People just prefer to be entertained with stupid human drama.....
And you wonder why nobody is watching any more? We used to love you, Television.
wow, this is really what our world has come to...
Also this ^ is whats wrong with the world
I can not stand all of those trashy reality TV shows. I hope this is a fad that will eventually fade. I am beginning to lose hope though.
I wich i could give multiple +1. This poster is so right!
Yes Mimi....Entertain me at all costs while the world burns around us.
yea thats why it won an emmy for Outstanding Special Visual Effects for a Series
I suppose we wouldnt all complain about having something like Jersey Shore on tv as long as we also got some actuall tv shows as well...but reality shows just seem to be taking over. I would be upset except that now i get to watch my favorite shows without commercials...
I rarely watch TV anymore......i purchase the shows I enjoy via DVD rip them to my harddrive and watch them....No commercials, no realty TV, no garbage, no problem
Oh thankyou, +Peter Payne, Why must American television pander to the LOWEST common denominator? Maybe when the British Invasion subsides (yes,@bbc is going to be hitting us hard over the next few years, thank goodness), American mainstream broadcast television will change its spots? Otherwise we're just going to be broadcasting crap for those people who don't have DVRs or an education. sigh Much more of this and it'll be no more television - just give me Hulu!
right on brother. sluts and schmucks aren't worth watching. ever!
how many +1s can I add to this?
Step 1: Turn off television. Step 2: ??? Step 3: Profit!
Peter, couldn't agree with you more. You have a tv series with possibilities versus a show about how drunk and belligerent a person can get (and get paid to do it).
I think Tv. is fine but when stupid shows like family guy, Jersey shore, and other "bad" shows go on air...well I think that says something...I mean really unless your some porn addict then you most likely don't like watching stuff about sex, drugs etc. Even though I am a christian I believe there has to be at least someone else out there that believe what I do...come on...where is the common sense!!!?
Fikri M
the world is ruled by insane media owner
Jersey Shore = bunch of clowns, and people love clowns. Unfortunately they are on the 5th season, because some people still watching it.
Huh, it is really frustrating when all the shows we like are shut down and what we think is rubbish just keeps going on and on :( Kyle XY was great. I loved Legend of The Seeker and right now, Ringer and Nikita are also greats show they're probably gonna shut down. How I Met Your Mother is getting tedious but it keeps going on.
chan b
Jersey SHore - busty pornstars and muscular gays with their never ending fucking issues..
wait, you accidentally included 'family guy' on your list of bad shows. an oversight i'm sure.
And this is TV's fault? If the ratings are good, the show continues. Blame the audience, not TV.
I just stopped watching TV. while complain when you can take action?
It's really funny. I didn't get into Firefly until it was already off the air. I saw reruns of it on one channel or another. After seeing one episode, I bought the full series. Also got a couple friends to buy the series as well.

I can't understand why people watch crap like Jersey Shore. But what do I know. I'm just a hard working average American. 
I have never saw that before but that looks great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i agree with Aalia but the shows she watches are the ones i havent watched before but the shows i know of are shut down and it is a pain after the show gets good and makes me wonder what just happened. The shows that i speak of are the ones that i cant remember but the picture of it.
agreed. they shouldn't have canceled firefly after 1 season. it was one of the best series on TV. EVER!
I really, really hope that now, since Joss has a HUGE hit with avengers, he'll have the financial muscle to develop some more Firefly/Serenity. A sequel? A mini series? Geez I'd even love an animated feature with the voices of the original cast
I didn't watch either of those shows and don't watch any TV shows. I said F you to television years ago.
Jersey shore tv show is stupid and very controversial taste. Stop.
hold on Jersey Shore show rocks and i love their foolishness
so u must be stupid diego de zan
Agree...too many bullshit crapy shows on Tv and too many good ones end up being One and DONE! PLEASE BRING BACK LEGEND OF THE SEEKER :-)
Yes....TV is starting suck more and more
Im from egypt..even with all the diffrence in cultures,awesomeness is the same...firefly rocks!
don't hate. Jersey Shore is an entertaining show. Obviously nobody was watching Firefly, so it got cancelled
+Baby Bubblez You do not those character.They are italian .... I can assure you that Italians *born in Italy are not ignorant and stupid like those persons.
+Jim Robinson You're not being spammed; those are "Hot on Google+" items that the network puts in your stream due to your settings. Since it seems you're getting more than you'd prefer, here's how you change it: simply click the ? icon in the heading bar of one of the items and go to the What's Hot settings page linked in the drop down. There you will find a slider to control how much of "Hot on Google+" you will see.
Intelligent people, are often too busy working, to sit on their asses, to watch others make asses of themselves - on purpose.

Reality TV and it's social counterpart - gangsta rap and most hip-hop music - have a captive audience - usually uneducated and underachieving Neanderthals.

It's a little wonder, that those who fall victim to this social shrapnel, have no problem delineating 'who slept with who', 'who hit who', or reciting - in ebonbics and latin - every lyric, to every song in the billboard top 40! But the same people couldn't get your order correct, if they had the initiative, or self respect to get a job at a burger joint!

Modern culture - TV in particular- is nothing more than an electronic passifier, aimed purposely at the very groups, that those in power, wants to keep socially, morally and financially subjugated. Just look at it's clientele!

That's why I stopped watching it after the Cosby Show ended and Reagan cut most funding for PBS!

You are what you metaphorically eat.
+Baby Bubblez "Jersey Shore rocks... so u must be stupid"... Jersey Shore is a perfect example of the decline of culture in our society... it's pure trash. Why would any reasonably intelligent person want to watch a group of uneducated drunks on TV?

The sad people who watch this garbage need an education or a life, or both... When I want to get drunk and party I do, and do it well, but it's pathetic to watch people on TV get drunk and act like that's what life is all about.
I don't like either
Another example of Idiocracy.
That's the most valued thing I have ever heard. The best SiFi TV show and a group of moronic ediots make for five season. It's everything wrong with the USA
It's like the world is crazy and we're the sane ones
fuck the shore snooki and the rest of them dumb mtfs that show sucks like aids never want it
I have never watched firefly, but I agree F*** realilty TV. I use my 46" for sports and my Xbox
that cool larry but i just go outside alot
why watch reality tv when all you need to do is go & spend 1/2hr shopping & watch the all the brain dead people there
i wish i could go to the mall if i lived in a city but i live west from it and far because i live in a village
That just sums up current culture, its a race to the bottom.
who's to blame though? f**k you moron public.
Gorram are you ever right about where TV has gone. I'd prefer dinner with the Reivers to five minutes with the Jersey Shore morons.
all the bitches in jersey shore are ugly as fuck and so nasty stinky bitches
Cancelling Firefly was one of Fox's biggest fails ever
If I could plus this post infinity times, I would.
The problem with these awful "reality shows" is they basically have no budget... meaning that even if only a handful of people actually watch these horrible show, they do better financially than the shows that have to pay for writing, actors, and everything else, despite the real shows having far more viewers. Then, or course, you have the droves of drooling special needs folk that do watch "reality" TV... all we can do is shame them into recognizing their shortcomings.
I've got $100 that says if we took a random sampling of 100 Firefly fans and compared them to a random sampling of 100 Jersey Shore fans, that the Firefly fans would have a higher average I.Q. and a higher average income (trust funds don't count; I mean what you actually earn).
Anyone care to take that bet?
The problem is sci-fi fans are hard to market to. If you can't sell ads during the show for shit you convince the fans to buy, the show ends.
I think the only way a sci-fi channel may work is if it has an HBO style model. Premium pay content with no commercials.

Sci-fi shows just don't work as ad supported programming.
Shouldn't this rather say "F*ck you, majority of the television-viewing public?"
what about shows like Smallville (10 seasons) and the Stargate trilogy (17 seasons and 3 full length movies) where have the good shows gone?if they would make a remake of a stargate based show i would watch it.....why why why!!!!!!!!!!
i am more for kyle xy now that was a show worthy of time
mindless crap beats boundless imagination and creativity. why is this shit being sprayed on our intellect and these fools rewarded for being morons. we are on our way to idiocracy cause now they're breeding! welcome to costco, i love you.
Firefly wasn't even a full season. 13 out of order episodes (even so better than most shows).
I like Jersey Shore. It's in my favorite genre, Fantasy. 
Firefly (and similar shows) cost a lot of money to make.
Jersey Shore (and similar crap) costs relatively nothing.
Then marketing & commercials for the target audience of shows like Firefly is tricky; there's less commercial products & services that can be easily and accurately targetted at its average viewer. But for JS it's much easier market to it's average audience.
And viewership, well, there's a lot more mindless viewership for crap like JS, and far fewer dedicated fans for shows like Firefly.
So yes, Jersey Shore is a much more financially sound show to create than others like Firefly.
There are still many good, high-production value shows but they are usually on the channels like HBO; the channels you have to pay more for because a fraction of that money makes its way to the show allowing it to be of better quality.
It seems clear the current traditional television model & marketing has clearly not kept up with the times or evolved as demand has. The entire system will very likely under-go some drastic changes very soon. I'm confident as we get smarter (Internet-enabled) TVs, very soon we will have a true, on-demand, pay-as-you-go service for high quality shows like Firefly! Had such a system been in place in 2005, I'm sure I'd still be loving the heck out of Firefly season 7 right now.
Proud to have never watched a single episode of Jersey Shore of any similar show, and to Own more than one complete set of Firefly and Serenity...
never seen firefly jersey shore was alright but in due time got gay its like hollywood says hey lets put drama on tv ok i dnt wanna see that in real life y wuld i wanna watch it on tv
If every member of Jersey Shore were to suddenly go missing and found weeks later mutilated, I don't know whether I would clap or clap harder.
Sad, but true. There are a few more venues to feature/rescue shows than in the old days, but still plenty of Idiocracy to go around.
dese nutty progs are supposed to end up in a screw'd up manner..... nvr evr showed up in front of ma tv sets... durin dese shits
I got rid of cable a long time ago oops gotta go surfs up!
Firefly was the best, I still watch the episodes.
No, it should be: "F*ck you, people watching this."
Even BAD Sci-fi is better than "Reality" TV.
:3 I use to watch firefly on Netflix... TT~TT i was sad to see it was cancelled after one season.
all the good stuff gets cancelled while the junk just gets rehashed and churned out again time after time
TJ Lee
No one ever went broke underestimating the taste of the American public.
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I couldnt agree more. They let this stupid crap on and programs with some excellent plots and adventures.
Are the schedulers got such a limited taste continue to leave this crap on such as Jersey Shore. God bless us all.
man dude i hate all those staged t.v. least get good actors to try to trick us.... i miss firefly too!!!!
All the best show that they come out with on tv get cancelled after a year or a year an a half. Look at Terra Nova it did not make it even 1/2 season that sucks.
Love it, Firefly was my favorite show, but now i like Grimm
Suggestion: The next time Firefly comes up in conversation and someone tells you they have never seen the show, give them your DVD set and go get yourself another copy. I've done this a half dozen times now. It's way too late for a Firefly return, but your karma gets an automatic +3 buff and DVD sales can at least point a finger at whoever is in charge of cancellations and demonstrate exactly how terrible they are at their job & hopefully get them fired before they do it to another great show. I guarantee that no one has ever done this for something worthless like Jersey Shore.
Does anyone under 25 even remember when TV didn't devote most of its time to exploiting spotlight hungry attention whores? This is the Real World generation. What we thought was cute, clever and original is now old, tired and the norm.
I never went past the pilot episode. Guess I missed something though. But I do agree many great TV shows were cancelled while many others barely worth watching are still on air.
In the real world stupid TV will always be on longer simply because dumb people will keep watching and it is cheap to make.
They are sort of the same show no?
Thank you +RockaJM Mc for simply stating how TV works. Of course we want stuff like "Firefly" to continue, but the ratings rule. Geek fans can't keep a TV show running. Is "Dollhouse" going to be able to compete with "Dancing With The Stars" ratings? Of course not. So why would it get renewed. It's basic numbers people.
How much did an episode of Firefly (or Farscape, BSG, etc.) cost versus how much does an episode of Jersey Shore (Big Brother, Housewives Of..., etc.) cost? Now, factor in the relative value of advertising sellable for a given programming profile.
Never watched Jersey Shore and don't have any interest in it. Never heard about firefly though. May be I'll check it out.

But at the end of the day, it all comes down to viewers. Obviously, JS is attracting more viewers. So... that tells you something, doesn't it?
yes time for TV to go the way of the FAX machine!
I'm currently LOVING Lost Girl on SciFy.... praying they don't cancel it!
I never saw Firefly but I can assure you that most of the rest of television is dreck.
I believe the only appropriate response to this image is: "I don't care, I'm still free. You can't take the sky from me."
Give me back my goram show!
LOVE jersey shore but dont kno the other show...........ohhhh i get it now hahah
Can't stand jersey shore, it's mindless television.
Nav H.
So true lol.
The level of quality for both shows is not only self-evident, but reflected in the IQ of each shows' average viewer. 'Nuff said.
If only the two shows met so we could all watch jershey shore move to space
Im annoyed stargate universe got dropped.
I enjoyed all series of stargate +
Art Q
We have to remember, there are more dumb people than there are smart people in the world.
why do people choose to watch the dumbest people on earth?
same as John Doe and Jericho, I think it's FOX who's f%&ed and other networks are showing just craps...
There must be a correlation between the lack of Sci-Fi and NASA's decline.
t.v's lame read a book
Weird but the mechanic in firefly is hotter than the fake girls on the other picture. --Kaywinnet Lee "Kaylee" Frye
Flash Forward too! Great show! Was gutted after it was cancelled! Jersey Shore is just utter car crash BS!
I was disappointed Terra Nova getting cancelled. It was such a shame. Season 2 felt promising..
Terra Nova is a very bad show, especially compared to Firefly.
Stargate Universe had a lot of potential too.. then gone. Galactica was killed early too, and a number of others.. so they could show Wrestling lol... unbelievable.
I occasionally hear rumors that Firefly will start up again....but nothing ever happens.....I sadly watch Castle just to get small glimpses of Malcom Reynolds. .... I know ...I'm sad.
Tv is starting suck more n more.but.........v still believe on fake things
it proves that there are more people who like crap
The dumbing of America. One TV show at a time. 
One of those shows makes you think, they other one has a cast that has never had an actual thought in their lives, the latter is still on air. 
So True... I don't watch TV anymore because it's gotten so darn bad where are all the good writers ...  I'm so glad I don't own a TV  anymore.. thank goodness. Its way to stressful on me and my home!
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