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If Wrong?
Heath Ledger's Joker in ' The Dark Knight ' challenges the idea of the villain. His justifications aren't what would be expected. Like greed. Instead he burns the money. Morality isn't as clear as we would like to think of. ' Batman v Superman ' also shows ...

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Alternate History
Stale ' Bernie would've won '. ' Hillary would've won '. It is comforting to think in alternate histories, 'if things had happened differently'. They didn't. Hindsight Bias  is the tendency to think where we are now was more predictable than it was. There w...

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Confidence is rewarded. If someone else seems to understand the world that we don't , there is a natural appeal. As you get older , you realise more and more of the people you thought knew what was going on, don't. Some people just take better stabs in the ...

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Phoenician traders colonised the island of Malta some time around 1000 BC as a stop on their journeys around the Mediterranean. Phoenicia eventually fell to one of its former colonies, Carthage. Carthage is in Tunisia (which is about 200 miles west of Malta...

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Going Dark
I want to trust people . My natural disposition is to give people the benefit of the doubt . I find if I assume the best intentions, then I can listen more closely to points they are making. If I get triggered by words, I normally try rein in my raging elep...

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The Ant and the Grasshopper
A story I grew up with told of the Ant and the Grasshopper. During the summer, Grasshopper sang and danced while Ant worked, storing more food than she ate. Grasshopper said she was silly, ' There is plenty, why don't you enjoy life a little more and stop b...

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Deeply and Honestly
Fill a room with Contrarians, and they won't even be able to agree on a definition of Contrarian . Crowds, in general, are wise. This is only true if there is robust, heated, and productive internal conversation. Then the extreme views cancel out each other...

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Space to Hear
To genuinely try hear the core issue someone is trying to convey, you have to m ake space . I call it a Bull Quota . Like suspending disbelief when watching a movie. We all sometimes derail our point by using words that mean something completely different t...

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A Real Thing
If there was a mysterious flash, and suddenly there was no debt, and no money, all the actual physical stuff would still be here. The numbers are a way of counting, and a way of permitting activity. A co-ordination tool. If a group of people have no money, ...

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The engine of Capitalism isn't profit. Profit can be competed away. The engine is reinvestment . Reinvestment is a sign that something is alive. Even if you are making no profit, but you can consistently make something well for exactly what it costs, and se...
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