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North Georgia Dog Training
Home Dog Training of North Georgia has years of experience training dogs and puppies. We train you to be your dog's best friend for life!
Home Dog Training of North Georgia has years of experience training dogs and puppies. We train you to be your dog's best friend for life!

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Many of our clients tell us that when they picked out their dog, he seemed calm and constantly focused on them. When they bring their dog home, after a few days, their once calm dog seems to turn into something completely different.

Their dog starts go be crazy all the time and run all over the house. They can never get their dog's attention. Their dog always is demanding their attention by jumping on them, judging their nose into the palm of their hands, or stealing things to have them chase him.

They respond to all those things and their dog just seems to be getting crazier and less respectful. Well, not to make any comment about the family dynamics, but we have found that the human family is often the root of the problem.

If the family is crazy and always running, the dog will interpret that as part of the group dynamic and will copy that activity so that they will fit into the group.

Unfortunately, many of us give into our kids' wishes and give them whatever they ask for. When the dog demands things and the family easily responds, the dog quickly learns that he can get whatever he wants. He will continue to do this and will pay less and less attention to us.

So, as you can see, the "human family dynamics" often drives your dog's behavior and actions. We have a great dog training article on our dog training blog that explains what is going on and the exact steps you need to enact to have a great dog again.
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Many of us have really great dogs and, most of the time, they will do exactly what we ask them to do. They will sit for us, they walk well on the leash, they don't jump on our guests, and they come to us when we call them. This is all great.

But, then comes the time that we need to put them in their crate when we are getting ready to leave for work or getting ready for bed. They see that and it is now a game to try to catch them and get them in there. Even if we get them in there, they bark and go nuts. What is going on here? We thought we had a great dog?

It isn't that we don't have a great dog, we just haven't socialized them and trained them regarding our requirements for the crate. We need to teach them their responsibility and actions with the crate in the same simple and calm ways we taught them everything else. Robin and I have a great dog training article on our Home Dog Training of North Georgia Blog that goes into detail regarding this issue. Please check it out today.
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We all talk to each other every day and, for the most part, understand what the other person is saying. That is because we verbally communicate using the language that our parents taught us. From our youngest memories, we were constantly educated and directed to learn more words and to communicate using our voice. Remember that our parents always told us not to get angry, but to "use our words".

Well, that works for us. We talk on the phone, talk to our friends, even talk to ourselves. Obviously, that should work for our dogs too. Well that is not the case.

When was the last time you were watching a mother dog with her babies teaching them to say "I am hungry" or "Let's go play". Dogs, like many other animals, do not use their voices as their main form of communication. In fact, many studies have shown that dogs use verbal communication less than 15% of the time when trying to "get a point across".

We need to understand this when we want to communicate with our dogs. We need to understand what is their post important form of communication (like texting seems to be for many Millennials). Spoiler alert, dogs don't text.

We have a great article that explains all this and will make you an excellent communicator with your dog. Please check out our Dog Training Article on Dog Talk today and start having great communications with your dog.
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It is always the case that when we walk our dog and he goes nuts, jumps and barks, everyone in the neighborhood labels our dog as out of control and sometimes even scary and aggressive. They never notice their kids going crazy and getting our dog all ramped up. Unfortunately, it is very hard to explain to our neighbors that their kids are out of control. They are just happy that their kids are out of control outside and away from them.

Trying to contain our dog in such a situation is next to impossible because we will never be able to properly gain his focus to direct him to a calm state. In order to accomplish this, we need to take baby steps and start the process at a point where we can get our dog's attention and correctly tell him what to do.

It all gets back to "teach where you have the ability to teach and your dog has the ability to learn". I have said this over and over again to every one of my clients and tell them that is their path to success. We must prepare our dog for the crazy neighborhood and teach him to be ready for it before he ever experiences the full force of the crazy times.

Robin and I have a great dog training article that lays out the steps you need to get your outside time with your dog wonderful even with the crazy kids. Please take a look at the article today.
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There are all types of dog training methods. Some methods are based on positive only reward systems. Some methods are based on negative stimuli such as "shock collars". Other methods are based on behavior modification. No matter what trainer uses or says about another trainer's methods, at one time or another, they have all worked.

As a behavioral trainer, what I just said may sound like blasphemy to many trainers. You will often here one method be touted as the best and any other person using another method is being terrible to the dog and is a very bad person. Well, here is what I think.

The entire secret to dog training, and teaching in general, is getting the dog to calmly understand what is right and wrong. They need to comprehend what to do when they hear this weird sound "Sit". So, we must ask ourselves, "How do our dogs learn"? Well, the one way they do not learn is if they are scared, frightened, or hurt. This will cause them to cower, lash out, or run away.

None of these things will allow them to do the first thing necessary for learning. That one thing is to give you calm and respectful focus. "So, what do you want me to do?" That is the secret and we have a wonderful discussion on our Training Blog Site that will open your eyes.
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Having your dog run out the front door every time you open it for a friend, guest, or delivery is very annoying and even dangerous. Most of the time, they run down the street and even into traffic. The more we try to catch them, the more they think it is a game and won't come back.

On top of all this, we have to remember that we opened the door to greet a friend or accept a delivery. What is going on with those people? They either waiting a long time for us to get our dog back or we are dealing with them while our dog can possibly get into more danger and mischief.

To tell the truth, it really isn't that hard to make sure our dog does not run out the front door. And, no, it does not entail locking them up in the back room. When we answer the front door, we must portray ourselves as being in charge and "knowing what we are doing". Unfortunately, this is not what we are showing our dogs.

We have a great dog training article that explains all of this and gives you some really simple and quick solutions to resolve this problem once and for all. Please read our Dog Training Article on Not Letting Your Dog Run Out the Front Door.
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We are often asked by dog owners having one dog about getting a second dog. Their reasoning mostly falls along the lines of "I think my dog is lonely and wants a friend" or "I think another dog may take away some of his bad habits".

Our answer to all of them is that getting a second dog is never a guarantee of anything. Some dogs are just "loners" and introducing a second dog into the family will cause problems such as food aggression, marking, and destruction. Other times, it is like your dog finding their long lost family member. You can never tell.

We can say this because we have had many clients who have gone out and brought home a new dog with completely different results. If you are thinking about a second dog, we strongly suggest that you read our dog training article to understand what you can do to make this as happy a situation as possible.
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During The Holidays, many of us have guests and out of town family over to the house and staying in our extra bedrooms or the sofa in the office. Everything was fine and our dogs behaved themselves. Maybe it was because there was so much to do and people to do it with, they just never had enough time to think of things to get into trouble.

Now everyone is heading home and the house is with far less people. All the relatives and guests are heading back home for the New Year Holiday. Well, our dogs, for some reason, are pottying in the house. They haven't done that for a very long time. Robin and I have a great little article in our Dog Training Blog that will help you understand what is going on and how to stop it. Please take a look at our House Guests and Pottying article to learn more.
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Our guests are coming over for Christmas and we have the house all festive and perfectly decorated. The cookies are out and the tree looks perfect. Our dog is also behaving very well and not doing anything wrong. This is because we have been consistent in letting him know his boundaries of right and wrong.

Now the doorbell rings and our guests start to arrive. Our dog is also excited to see them and wants to be greeted too. Oops! He starts to jump on our guests. Some of them are "dog people" and love having dogs greet and jump on them. They encourage our dog to continue and respond to his actions. Other guests are not big dog people and some of them are a little afraid of dogs. They turn away and don't like it.

Unfortunately, our dog is getting a whole lot of mixed signals here regarding what is "socially acceptable for him" right now. Should he jump or not jump? He is hearing "yes" and then "no". We need to set up some clear boundaries that involve both him and our guests. Please check out our dog training blog article to help keep your Holiday Festivities fun and happy.
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During the Holiday Season we have so much to do. It seems like there just isn't enough hours in the day to get things done and we wonder how we ever made it through last year. When this happens, we reset our priorities to the things that are normally "in our face" at the moment.

Since Christmas Day is almost here, our priorities are normally focused on our guests, parties, decorations, presents, and all the other things that are needed to prepare for Santa Claus to come. We often forget about our normal play times with our dog because that normally involves "down time" or other times where it isn't just too crazy.

Our dogs don't understand that our priorities have instantly changed for a bit and still want, and often demand, their play and social time. When they don't get it, they will often act out in ways that we probably won't like. We have a great dog training article that will explain all of this and help you through the Holidays and still find time to play with your dog. Have a look and Merry Christmas!
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