These are NOT the "Skills of the Future". They are the skills needed TODAY in a complex, globally-competitive, furiously-evolving world.

The Industrial Age advantages of Scalable Efficiency have moved east and they ain't coming back. Certainly not in the same way that they left...if ever. (Are you listening HP, Dell, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.?)

Unfortunately, not enough of us have these critical Post-Industrial Age skills; skills that are vital for the Creative Economy model that will define our collective success in the 21st century.

Our legacy education factories (schools) and corporate "training" departments are ill-equipped to transform themselves at the pace being demand by the Big Shift and global market transitions. The fact is that the world is changing faster than our legacy institutional models are proving able to respond.

As +John Hagel and +john seely brown outlined in "The Power of Pull" we have to move our talent beyond (but inclusive of) the old-world Scalable Efficiency models toward the mindsets, management structures, and platforms of Scalable Learning.

This issue constitutes a massive unmet need that will require two types of innovation: Business Model Innovation (with a Hat Tip to +Saul Kaplan, author of "The Business Model Innovation Factory") and Partnering Innovation in the rather radical sense in which it was foreseen by Peter Drucker just before he passed away in 2005. (Hat Tip to Elizabeth Edersheim, author of "The Definitive Drucker" for that one.)

This is an awesome challenge, but then again, so was putting a man on the moon.

That was the great challenge of the 20th century. Scalable Learning may well prove to be our great challenge of the 21st century.
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