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with so many i's in d world, I will be ur best bet..
with so many i's in d world, I will be ur best bet..


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The battles I've lost.
There's a lot that changes everyday in our lives. The OOH ads near your building are taken down, the headlines of the newspaper change, the one odd pal in your neighborhood leaves and so on. We witness all these changes as a passive observer. We even take a...

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The tale of tranquility.
Of late, my blogging skills seem to have gone for a vacation. There isn't much happening in life on the exploration front. Not many new experiences galore and neither has the candor of anyone struck that chord with me. There often comes a phase in your life...

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To the places I could never make it to.
Right atop the cusp of my life, as I transition from the charlatan to the one people would want to look upto, there's a very eerie and stomping regret that bewilders me to the core. It's so often said that a life without a purpose is a life best lived. I've...

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A catalog of defeats.
It is often said that history is written by the winners. But it doesn't do much to belittle the significance of the defeats, or so it was pretty much the case in the past. Victory beckoned glee and mirth, but defeats were not mere loses. They were often con...

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The looming dystopia.
We're living in pretty crazy times. We're racing against a lot of odds, dancing to a lot of tunes, and grappling but waddling on a little too many fronts. Times are changing pretty fast. One moment early and you're an idiosyncratic sibyl. One moment late an...

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The pyrrhic pride in our lives.
We're living very morbid lives. We we're brought into this world by parents who succumbed to the tyranny of the times. Socialism and communism failed to reveal and prosper, and neo-imperialism and capitalism now demand cut-throat competition. And it has rec...

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Move over Facebook-WhatsApp dalliance: Meet the CIA ECHELON.
So a lot of you seem to be livid about the supposed coquetry between Facebook and WhatsApp, in which WhatsApp shall provide your messenger communications information with Facebook so that the latter could provide better content to you. While we know this su...

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The middle children of India.
If you were born and brought up in the 90's this post is a direct reference to the lives we live. The past 2 odd decades have made India witness some of the most ecstatic of all transformations. While the world took 3 and a half decades to move from 1G mobi...

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The market of lies.
As economies expand and explode, new markets show up everyday. Markets for brands, ideologies, professions and what not. All markets, no matter how disparate they are, have this unique characteristic of being largely transactional. To say it the other way, ...

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The confessions of a skilled lunatic.
Trust me when I tell you! It takes quite some doing to associate with yourself the title I've mentioned above. But post the grueling realization on how apt it is, you can't help but feel an eerie aplomb about it. I'm just another guy on the tenterhooks in t...
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