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If you don't yet have a way to track your #NaNoWriMo progress, below is a link to my Google Docs spreadsheet for anyone to copy and use. You can plug in a different number of days or word count (for the pros who want more of a challenge than 50,000 words!), and has columns that track your progress against the traditional 1667-per-day target, and a "decreasing daily word count" that starts out agressive (3226 words the first day!) and gets easier each day (only 108 words on November 30!).
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Oh I love this spreadsheet. I use it every year. Thanks for posting it.
I had one of these on my old computer, but hadn't made the effort to make a new one. Thanks for sharing!
Personally, I use yWriter to keep track of my word count, and the way it handles scenes really helps me overcome the story inertia. If I get stuck, I just move to a new scene.
Hi Steven! Great spread sheet! do you mind if I post your spread sheet onto our (LA Region) site as a resource? And I'll credit the spread sheet to you "Steven Knight"?
+Jennie Vongvith : And you! One nit: it's actually a Google docs spreadsheet, not Excel, so anyone with a web browser can use it. You don't have to have Excel. Thanks!
Actually, I downloaded as an excel sheet, but I'll add the google doc link too. I didn't think about doing that.
Okay, now both versions are on there. Thanks again!
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