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Rebecca D'Amato Kobus
From DC to FL to London. Me, Beau and Sir Oliver, flip flopping along the way:)
From DC to FL to London. Me, Beau and Sir Oliver, flip flopping along the way:)

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Flying with a Baby
I actually started writing this post from my seat on our flight back from Florence to London.  Fleur was on my lap buckled in, sleeping.  That was last week, Fleur's 7th flight, she was five months old. Our first solo flight to the States now seems like yea...

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Proud To Be An American
What a blog post title, right! Well I have been thinking about this a lot lately. Writing about politics has never been my thing. My blog is a personal space to share the things I love, pretty things, fun things, but I have never been one to really share my...

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Out & About With A Baby
I can not believe Fleur is already four months old! Crazy how time is flying! I remember before Fleur was born I envisioned the winter with her, staying inside, at home, all day. Well, now that she is here, that is NOT the case! I was dreading the cold wint...

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Fleur's Little Pink Nursery
We moved into a new flat a few months before Fleur was born. It was a really hot summer in London and being so pregnant I was not the best at unpacking and decorating the flat at that time. The one room I wanted to focus on was the nursery. Even though ever...

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A Very Blush Christmas
It is no secret that I love a little bit of pink....did you see my Christmas decorations ? A pink decorated white tree, hey, I love a little bit of blush! This year when thinking of Christmas ideas, I realized that most of my gift choices just happened to b...

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I'm pretty sure I've mentioned in the past that I'm a huge fan of personalized gifts . My sister gave me a necklace with Fleur's name on it when she was born and I will forever cherish it. Did your friend just have a baby, your wife, your sister? I think ge...

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I Fancy Friday v. 58
Friday! Yay! I've been in the States for the past two weeks visiting my family in between Thanksgiving and Christmas. It has been a big break from the hustle and bustle of London and baby Fleur and I are missing Mr. Beau, but it has allowed us a little time...

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Lessons of Being a New Mum
I want to start this post by saying I am in NO means an expert on babies and being a mom. I am 11 weeks into having little Fleur in our lives and I truly believe that every day brings a new lesson on being a mom, every day brings something different. I have...

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Hostess Party Essentials
Recently we have had a lot of friends stopping by the flat to meet little Fleur  and I love it. The first time I had absolutely nothing to offer, no coffee, no cookies, no wine, nothing. Hey, I am a new mom and its a bit hectic around the house so it is tot...

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Introducing my precious little daughter, Fleur Hendrika Kobus. Born on Tuesday, 13th of September.  It still is a bit surreal for me to type, my daughter:) I've been quiet over here these past few weeks because this little lady has been taking up my time. I...
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