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News Americans need to know, but mainstream media chooses ignore
News Americans need to know, but mainstream media chooses ignore


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Stocks Need ‘30-40%’ Drop Warns Expert as Bankruptcy Looms for Toys R Us

Will there be a major stock market crash before the end of 2017? To many of us, it seems like we have been waiting for this ridiculous stock market bubble to burst for a very long time. The experts have been warning us over and over again that stocks cannot keep going up like this indefinitely, and yet this market has seemed absolutely determined to defy the laws of economics. But most people don’t remember that we went through a similar thing before the financial crisis of 2008 as well. I recently spoke to an investor that shorted the market three years ahead of that crash. In the end his long-term analysis was right on the money, but his timing was just a bit off, and the same thing will be true with many of the experts this time around.

On Monday, I was quite stunned to learn what Brad McMillan had just said about the market. He is considered to be one of the brightest minds in the financial world, and he told CNBC that stocks would need to fall “somewhere between 30 and 40 percent just to get to fair value”…

Brad McMillan — who counsels independent financial advisors representing $114 billion in assets under management — told CNBC on Monday that the stock market is way overvalued.



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Global Debt Bubble Understated by $13 Trillion Warn BIS

– Global debt bubble may be understated by $13 trillion: BIS

– ‘Central banks central bank’ warns enormous liabilities have accrued in FX swaps, currency swaps & ‘forwards’

– Risk of new liquidity crunch and global debt crisis

– “The debt remains obscured from view…” warn BIS

Global debt may be under-reported by around $13 trillion because traditional accounting practices exclude foreign exchange derivatives used to hedge international trade and foreign currency bonds, the BIS said on Sunday.

Bank for International Settlements researchers said it was hard to assess the risk this “missing” debt poses, but that the main worry was a liquidity crunch like the one that seized FX swap and forwards markets during the financial crisis.

The $13 trillion unaccounted-for exposure exceeds the on-balance-sheet debt of $10.7 trillion that data shows was owed by firms and governments outside the United States at end-March.



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Climate Change Science Implodes as IPCC Climate Models Found to be “Totally Wrong” …Temperatures Aren’t Rising as Predicted …Hoax Unraveling

A stunning new science paper authored by climate change alarmists and published in the science journal Nature Geoscience has just broken the back of the climate change hoax. The paper, authored by Myles R. Allen, Richard J. Millar and others, reveals that global warming climate models are flat wrong, having been deceptively biased toward “worst case” warming predictions that now turn out to be paranoid scare mongering.

The paper, entitled, “Emission budgets and pathways consistent with limiting warming to 1.5 °C,” concludes that the global warming long feared and hyped by everyone from Al Gore to CNN talking heads was based on faulty software models that don’t stand up to actual measured temperatures in the real world. In technical jargon, the paper explains, “We show that limiting cumulative post-2015 CO2 emissions to about 200 GtC would limit post-2015 warming to less than 0.6 °C in 66% of Earth system model members.”

In effect, the current global warming software models used by the IPCC and cited by the media wildly over-estimate the warming effects of CO2 emissions. How much do they over-estimate warming? By about 50%. Where the software models predicted a 1.3 C rise in average global temperatures, only a rise of about 0.9 C has actually been recorded (and many data points in that average have, of course, been fabricated by climate change scientists to push a political narrative). In other words, carbon dioxide emissions don’t produce the warming effects that have been blindly claimed by climate change alarmists.



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Korea Solution Needs US to Sign a Peace Treaty

Germany and France have backed the stance of Russia and China for negotiations to avert the Korea crisis. South Korea and Japan also seem to be amenable to recent calls by Russian President Vladimir Putin for exclusively diplomatic efforts. Any other option in the alarming standoff with North Korea over its nuclear weapons program portends disaster.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has endorsed the P5+1 nuclear deal with Iran as a model for possible negotiations.

That puts the United States on the margin of international consensus, with its repeated threats to use military force as an option against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea).

Last week, following another North Korean ballistic missile test that overflew Japan, US President Donald Trump’s top national security adviser reiterated Washington’s self-declared right to use pre-emptive military force, tacitly including the deployment of nuclear weapons.



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Kim Jong-un to Nuke Yellowstone? N Korean TV Shows ‘Map of USA’ with Giant Hole in Middle Yellowstone Super Volcano Eruption Would *Instantly Kill Millions of People, Decimate About 25% of The Land of the US

What if a terrorist rogue nation wanted to destroy the United States, how could they do it? In other words what is the greatest threat we face from rogue nations?

Some believe an EMP attack would be devastating to our country and thus is one of the top threats we face. I agree and believe that everyone should be prepared to live without electricity for extended periods of time. Don’t forget a solar storm/flare could do the same.

Some believe a Yellowstone terrorist attack causing the supervolcano to erupt would be far worse than an EMP. As most of you are aware a Yellowstone super volcano eruption would instantly kill millions of people, decimate about 25% of the land of the United States, destroy crops, and possibly throw the world into a volcanic winter.

Unfortunately I do believe that evil forces aligned with Satan will one day attempt to set Yellowstone off, of which I will explain more in detail later in this post. But assuming a Yellowstone eruption is planned for the future how might evil forces accomplish this?


Could an enemy nation cause Yellowstone to erupt? Some believe that it can be done by HAARP.

Underneath Yellowstone is a supervolcano with enough energy to wipe out the United States, and a bit of the world with it. It won’t erupt for another thousand years, but what if it did? What would happen? Well here is one scenario.​



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“Offensive” Hobby Lobby Decoration Goes Viral For Being Problematic

A decoration that has been on Hobby Lobby’s shelves for as long as I can remember has gone viral after a post on the store’s Facebook Page went viral.

As you can tell from the posts’s stats – 16,000 likes, 166,000 comments, and 15,000 shares – apparently this struck a chord with the social justicey elements out there.

Historically speaking, however, this Facebook post is ridiculous. Cotton is not something that was only available when the Americas brought African slaves over to pick it.

Historians trace cotton in China, for example, back to 200 B.C., and production of cotton cloth began sometime in the third century A.D. In Pakistan, meanwhile, cotton production goes back way further, sometime between 2000-2500 B.C.


#politics #news

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Exposing the Traitors in the Deep State

The comical publication the Onion ran a special volume, Homeland Insecurity, with the headline, “Run for Your Lives.” I thought of that in the wake of the decision by hard-liners Steve Bannon and Sebastian Gorka to voluntarily leave the White House rather than continue to fight for rational pro-American policies in the Trump Administration against what has been called the Deep State.

In their cases, Trump didn’t have to say “you’re fired.” They quit.

Sadly, Trump, the elected president, may be the next to go.

Bannon quit and went on the CBS “60 Minutes” show, where he vented on a variety of issues, ranging from Trump’s decision to fire FBI director James Comey to the Catholic Church’s pandering to illegal aliens. Sebastian Gorka quit and has now appeared on a special Judicial Watch on-line presentation on the “Deep State,” where he basically waved the white flag of surrender in the face of opposition to him and his appointments.



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My Eulogy for the Death of Actress Jennifer Lawrence (Satire)

Hollywood, CA—27 year-old Jennifer Lawrence was gorgeous, seriously talented and her smile captivated millions just like me. What could possibly go wrong?

Our nation became even more divided politically as well as emotionally since the 2016 election and Hollywood overwhelmingly chose the losing side of the Left.

Lawrence got caught up in the wild clammer and used her ample media face time to promote her raw hatred for our duly elected president and his supporters instead of promoting her work products. Expressed hatred is never pretty.


#humor #politics

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Antifa Professor Gets Suspended by College Over Dead Cops Joke

There has been a lot going around social media this last week about the sighting of an extremely rare white giraffe in Africa, reportedly the first time that one was ever captured on video.

I could have sworn that I also saw a white giraffe on Tucker Carlson’s show the other night when he hosted a freakish looking dude whose neck reminded me of one of the majestic creatures and who is an advocate for the violent tactics of antifa.

Professor Michael Isaacson who teaches at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice in New York City got some publicity this week after he was quoted in an article in The Hill that, “Antifa activists say violence is necessary” which landed him on Carlson’s program.



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#NFL Player Puts Kaepernick to Shame With Patriotic Missive

Tight end Tyler Eifert took the time to express his patriotism and love of country in an essay that received little to no coverage from a sports media that is awash with racists, radicals, and devotees to America-hating heel Colin Kaepernick.

Eifert’s essay which he published on Medium is entitled “Why I Stand” from which I excerpt:

I know it would probably be best to stay out of it, but when you believe in something as much as I do it gets to a point where you want both sides to be heard.

I am not questioning anyone’s reasons or rights to protest, but instead the method. This entire protest about raising awareness for racial inequality has gotten lost in the media and turned into a debate about whether to sit or stand for the national anthem.

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