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The Element
Since I switched to the Fostex T50RP headphones , I have been having an issue with my "at work" doc / amp the Aune X1S . The Aune is just not powerful enough for the T50s.  These are seriously power hungry headphones and maxing an AMP out is never a good id...

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I'm starting to agree
I have been doing more JavaScript programming over the last few years that I would ever have imagined.  Node JS and React have really changed the way I think about programming.  I can honestly say I would prefer to create a web application with NodeJS, Sail...

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Chromebook Solution
I decided to get another Chromebook to "play" with.  The first one I had was impressive, but I gave that one away.  When I heard that google was bringing Android apps to the Chromebook platform I decided to give it another go. I got the Acer Convertible Chr...

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Headphone Wishlist
Not saying I'm going to buy these anytime soon, but if money were no object these would be on the top of my list. Sennheiser HD 800 S : I have always loved the clean Sennheiser sound, and these are some of their best. Mr Speakers Ether C : Closed Planar Mag...

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Headphones - cont.
Well, I was dead wrong about the Fostex T50RP not needing more power.  They will play to an ok volume without a better amp, but they sound much better when given more power.  At work I'm using the Aune X1S and I have to crank it pretty high.  At home I'm us...

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Headphone Obsessed
I've been obsessed with Headphones lately.  I'm a huge fan of Sennheiser .  I like the clean sound their headphones reproduce.  I recently discovered a few new sources of information, which have reignited my interest in trying different brands and types of ...

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Sony Play Station Network Account Frustration
Some how I managed to end up with a PSN master account with my real name as my console id. This is the public name that shows up in online games.  I don't remember setting it this way, but I can imagine thinking that I would be able to change it later. You ...

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NodeJS, SailsJS, ReactJS, EJS - JS all the way down
Started a new GitHub project with a generic random name. Say hello to creepy-squeegee . There really isn't much to see there yet, and what is there will be changing dramatically.  I needed a place to put some training material and thought it would be good t...

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Swift - Ok, Lets do this!
I keep planning on learning Swift and re-writing my original iOS apps, that I'm very not happy with now.  I think I'm going to try to keep a diary of the process here, in an attempt to make myself write more, and to encourage myself to keep at it. Downloadi...

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Been spending more time in Node land lately. 
Netflix improved performance and reduced infrastructure costs with Node. They now run one quarter of the EC2 instances on Node compared with the legacy Java stack, whilst serving the same number of subscribers at lower latencies.
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