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My Feminism
“Wait…you’re NOT a feminist?” She stared at me confounded. “Do you advocate for equality of the sexes?” Of course I do. “But, you’re NOT a feminist?!” She shrieked, her p**sy hat about to fall off her head from utter shock. It’s a hard concept to explain (b...

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May Day! May Day!
Image obtained from Felicidades
trabajador!   For many around the world,
May 1 st marks International
Worker’s Day or May Day .    In the Americas, the day is known as El Dia Del Trabajador or El Dia Del Trabajo .    Most countries, from Arge...

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Around the World for Mother's Day
Mother's Day has always been a big deal in my house,
primarily because my mom is a pretty big deal herself.   The woman is literally a superhero, and
although we celebrate her every day, as Latinos in the US, we officially get to
celebrate her twice! From f...

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International Students on the Rise
The United States may be number one in many things, but
education is not one of them. According to global learning company, Pearson,
when it comes to education, the United States does not even make the top 10,
ranking 14 out of 40 countries considered in th...

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Ban the Ads: Why Doctors are Calling to Make Drug Advertisements a Thing of the Past
These days you cannot turn on your television or browse
through a magazine without seeing at least one advertisement for prescription
medication.   You know the ones, a
beautiful woman smiling as she hits the sheets because thanks to “Medication A”
she is n...

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The Driverless Car
We are living in the future, or at least that’s what works
of fiction set in the year 2015 had us believe.   According to the movie “ Back to the Future II ”, 2015 was a time of major
technological advancement, such as hoverboards, video calling and flying ...

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World's Billionaires
They say that while the
poor get poorer, the rich get richer.   This may very well be the case, as there are now more billionaires than
ever before.   Every March, Forbes
Magazine ranks the richest people on earth, compiling the renowned “ The W orld's Bill...

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Gambling on Hope
Fresh faced and wide eyed, I arrived in the Dominican Republic.   It was my first time visiting in years.  The
first person I wanted to see was my favorite cousin, Tati.   “Let’s surprise her at work” my aunt suggested.   “Let’s go!”   I beamed, “Where does...

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A Dissection of the Prison Population
United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world…by a
landslide.   No other country even comes
close to incarcerating as many of its citizens as us.    In the past thirty years, the American prison population has increased by about 500%, fr...

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Star Watch: Interview with Daniela Alonso
Photo Credit: Hard working, animal-loving, 100% honest and the star of the
new movie Paul Blart:   Mall Cop 2 out in theaters April 17,
2014.   We sat with the Beautiful Daniella
Alonso, and this is what she told us… Can you tell us a little about...
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