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Melvyn Windham
Writer, Actuary, Banker, Composer, Puzzler, Publisher, Science Geek, Mathematician
Writer, Actuary, Banker, Composer, Puzzler, Publisher, Science Geek, Mathematician


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Dunkirk: Another Nolan Production
Dunkirk  is a remarkable movie. With Germany successfully pushing British and French forces to the sea at Dunkirk, 400,000 British soldiers must be evacuated across the channel back to England. So close to home, and yet so far away, the British air force is...

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Double Feature: Apes and Spider-Man
So many good movies coming out at the same time! That means: get ready for more reviews. Today you get two. Spider-Man: Homecoming  was as good, if not better than I expected. Good story, good pacing, and believable characters keep the movie going and worth...

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Three Recent Shows 2016-2017
In my attempt to catch up my TV viewing reviews, tonight I move on to three new shows that started in the 2016-2017 season and are still kicking. For each of these shows, the first season is done, so I may touch on some minor spoilers. Designated Survivor (...

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Checkpoint #3 - 2017
Here is my mid-year progress report. I'm happy to report that I've been busy submitting short stories to magazines. For the first time ever, I had all four available stories out at one time. I'm currently at 5 out of 26 submissions for the year, and I will ...

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Three More Shows That Died Recently (and One That Came Back to Life)
As I continue to play catch-up, here are four shows that I started recently and that were canceled or came to an end. The IT Crowd This show has actually been dead for a while, but I just came across it on Netflix. This is an over-the-top British comedy tha...

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Zeno's Quarter Note
I present for your enjoyment: Zeno's Quarter Note! It's impossible to get to the end of this note, but it'll will nonetheless be over in two beats. "What the heck is this?" you may ask. Here's a quick explanation. The Greek philosopher Zeno presented a set ...

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Wonder Woman Saves the Day!
Before I begin my review of Wonder Woman , I should disclose that I'm a big Zack Snyder fan. It's hard for me to watch one of his films and not be entertained. I loved Man of Steel , and I enjoyed Batman v. Superman  and Suicide Squad  even though both of t...

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The Many Inspirations of John Williams
How many times have you heard that John Williams steals music from other classical composers? I'm not sure exactly why everyone seems to pick on poor Johnny, as every movie composer borrows from someone else. Heck, even classical composers borrow from other...

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TV Shows That Died Off in 2016
As part of my TV show catch-up-athon, here are four shows I mentioned earlier that have all died in 2016. Join me now as we relive some fond memories. Beware, thar be spoilers! Heroes Reborn : I believe this was always designed to be a one-season event, tho...

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Updated TV Reviews Page
Okay ... I'm on way back to work on my writing. Yes, I'm still busy with my music publishing business, but I'm trying to switch gears. I'm back to submitting stories to magazines, and now I will attempt to do some catch up in my blog. As you loyal readers k...
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