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The G-Man & Triskel present...
A Low Trees Promotion
Angel Olsen
special guest
Jaye Bartell

Triskel Christchurch
Tobin Street, Cork
Saturday 7th June

Tickets: €15 (Early birds SOLD OUT)
Box office: 021 427 2022

Having fallen for Angel Olsen following her illuminating Half Moon performance last May, Cork welcomes the Missouri songwriter and band back to Leeside for a very special evening in one of the city's most magical locations: Triskel Christchurch. A limited run of early bird tickets are now SOLD OUT.

Angel Olsen
Many of the superlatives describing Angel Olsen refer to how seemingly little it takes for her to leave an audience speechless, even spellbound. But Olsen has never been as timid as those descriptors imply, and the noisy, fiery hints in her earlier work find a fuller expression on her newest LP, Burn Your Fire for No Witness. Here, Olsen sings with full-throated exultation, admonition, and bold, expressive melody. Also, with the help of producer John Congleton, her music now crackles with a churning, rumbling low end and a brighter energy.

Angel Olsen began singing as a young girl in St. Louis, where she explored the remarkable range of her voice and the places it could take her songwriting. Her self-released debut EP, Strange Cacti, belied both that early period of discovery and her Midwestern roots. Cautious and homespun on the one hand, the EP transported us to a mystical, unrecognizable world on the other, and it garnered extensive praise for its enigmatic beauty. Olsen then went further on Half Way Home, her first full-length album (released on Bathetic Records), which mined essential themes while showcasing a more developed voice. Olsen dared to be more personal.

After extensive touring, Olsen eventually settled for a time in Chicago's Logan Square neighborhood, where she created "a collection of songs grown in a year of heartbreak, travel, and transformation." The new songs go on to tell us to leave, or to high-five a lover who is lacking, or to dance our way up and out of sorrow. Many of them also remain essentially unchanged from their bare beginnings. In leaving them so intact, a more self-assured Olsen is opening up to us, allowing us to be in the room with her at the very genesis of these songs, when the thread of creation is most vulnerable and least filtered. Our reward for entering this room are many head-turning moments and the powerful, unsettling recognition of ourselves in the weave of her songs.

This act of meaning-making recurs as a theme throughout the album, as the sublimating response to the power of negativity. In the song, "Stars", for example, Olsen wishes to "have the voice of everything" and in a moment of hatefulness and hurt realizes that the strength of fury results in the power she had been seeking all along. Thankfully for us, Olsen has decided to channel a lot of this newfound power into the ethereal, hypnotic performances of her new and revealing songs, sharing with us the full grace and beauty of her transformative moments.

Official video: 'Hi-Five' -
Official video: 'Forgiven/Forgotten' -
Official video: 'Tiniest Seed' -
NME review of Burn Your Fire for No Witness - 
Guardian review -
Pitchfork review -
Stream in full over on NPR -
Burn Your Fire... reviews:

" Missouri-born singer Angel Olsen sounds quite unbelievable on her second LP.
Her rickety coo is more flawless than ever, her songwriting defiantly more eclectic "

"The seductive harshness of Karen Dalton, the infectious langour of Mazzy Star, the clipped, sardonic intensity of the first two Cate LeBon albums..."

"Like Cohen, Olsen’s most striking talent is her ability to make rough, earthy-sounding music that touches metaphysical realms."

"I wonder if you'll hear a more urgent and wonderful record this year"
Monocle (On Record review)

"That's where the light gets into Olsen's work:
beyond her gorgeous guitar, whether sawdust punk, reverb-laden slow dance 
or near-silent reverie, it's in the way she's been steeled by sorry, a process of
galvanising that never ends."

For more info visit: //  // 


-  Angel Olsen plays Triskel Christchurch, Cork Saturday, 7th June 2014.
- Tickets are priced at €15

All queries, interview requests etc. to
Hi-res photos available over on

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The G-Man presents... A Low Trees promotion
House of Cosy Cushions

The Roundy
Castle Street, Cork
Saturday 29th March
Doors at 9.30pm

Following a string of successful shows in 2012, The G-Man Presents... series returns to The Roundy on Castle Street for a night featuring Dutch-Irish collective and former Katie Kim collaborators House of Cosy Cushions.

House of Cosy Cushions
The musical canvass of Dutch-English songwriter Richard Bolhuis, House of Cosy Cushions are set to release brand new record Spell on 24th March 2014, the follow-up to 2012's beautiful slow-burner Haunt me Sweetly.

Dutch-English Songwriter Richard Bolhuis set up House of Cosy Cushions in Amsterdam in 2004. From 2005 until 2010 Richard Bolhuis lived in Dublin, where House of Cosy Cushions evolved into a Dutch–Irish collaboration which it remains to this day. The band, currently based in Holland and Ireland has formed around a group of core players (Richard Bolhuis – vocals, guitar, piano & harmonium, Stephen Kiernan – drums, Saskia Meijs – viola and Dominique Brackeva - trombone) and an extended family of guest musicians who drift in and out. Recently House of Cosy Cushions contributed music to the installations Garden of the Asylum and Sleepwalker in the celebrated Van Gogh and Groninger Museums.

Official video: 'Chant' -

Listen to Haunt Me Sweetly in full -
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Added photos to The G-Man & Lisa Lemur present...Dott & French For Rabbits.
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The G-Man & Lisa Lemur present... A Low Trees promotion

Dott // French For Rabbits

Triskel Arts Centre TDC
Triskel Arts Centre, Tobin Street, Cork
Friday 8th November

An unmissable double-header featuring Galwegian garage-popsters Dott and New Zealand dream-folk duo French For Rabbits. This one's set to be particularly special as the the Galway group officially launch début album Swoon and the latter will be enjoying their very first professional visit to Ireland.

Dott are from Galway, Ireland and play shiny, harmony-driven garage pop. The band is led by songwriter Anna McCarthy (vocals/guitar) with Laura Finnegan (bass/vocals), Miriam Donohue (guitar/vocals) and Tony Higgins (drums). Their debut EP Button was released in 2012 on the Popical Island Collective and on 7" vinyl with Graveface Records USA. 

Formed only in January 2012, Dott have been busy, regularly featuring on national television (RTÉ's The Late Late Show,  Ceol ar an Imeall TG4), national and international radio (2FM Dan Hegarty Sessions, Arena RTÉ Radio 1, BBC) and at all the major festivals (including Electric Picnic, Hard Working Class Heroes, Camden Crawl, Indiependence). Taking their "sunny, garage rock" across the Atlantic, American indie label Graceface Records fell in love with the quartet, releasing Button on 7" vinyl Stateside following Anna and co.'s U.S. début at New York’s favourite independent music venue the Cake Shop. Songs from Button can be heard on BBC Radio, Today FM, 2FM, RTE RADIO 1, RnaG, 98FM and Phantom Radio. Their eagerly awaited début album Swoon will be released on November 5th 2013 on Graveface Records U.S.

Official video: 'Let's Do It' - Lets Do It (Lets Fall In Love) by Dott
New single from Swoon: 'Day That I Found You' - 
Live on The Late Late Show -  Dott on The Late Late Show
Gratuitous quote binge:

"Sunny garage rock with dash, shizzle and superfly choruses from Galway-based underground supergroup"
Jim Carroll, (The Irish Times)

"Dott have some infectious tunes on their Button EP... "Leave Tonight" and "Let's Do It" are especially good."
Brooklyn Vegan

"full of shiny melodies and luminous female vocals, as if Dum Dum Girls went out of their dark basement to get fresh air."

For more info visit:  // 

French For Rabbits
French for Rabbits are a dream folk duo from Wellington, New Zealand. They released debut EP Claimed by the Sea in March through the Wellington music collective ‘Home Alone Music’. Strong alternative radio airplay of the album and a growing fan base has resulted in a Best Folk Album Tui nomination for the duo. Vocalist Brooke Singer and jazz guitarist John Fitzgerald use nautical-themed language to examine stories of longing and regret in a stunning début set.

Official Video: 'Claimed By The Sea' - French for Rabbits- Claimed by the Sea
Official Video: 'Two's Company' - French for Rabbits- Two's Company
Free Download: 'Goat' -

"Brooke has this beguiling voice that is sure to add French For Rabbits to the list of New Zealand's exports before long, overwhelmingly beautiful."
Just Music I Like

"Claimed By The Sea is the duo’s debut EP, a gorgeous collection of woozy vocals and reverberating instrumentation"

For more info visit:  //

-  Dott and French For Rabbits play Triskel Art Centre's TDC, Cork Friday, 8th November 2013.
- Entry is €7 with doors at 9.30pm.

Click here to RSVP to the Facebook event

All queries, interview requests etc. to
Photos also available by request

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Really enjoyed the first two volumes of "Blood Red Turns Dollar Green" by Wexford author Paul O'Brien. Setting in the murky world of pro wrestling back in the 70s. 

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New music from Camera Obscura
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