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I can't decide if Saving Private Perez is the best film ever or the worst film ever made. 

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Magic: the Mathering M15 Draft day

2-2 Mediocrity even with a killer deck! That's the Mather we all know and love. One loss was my fault, the other wasn't. When I don't get mana screwed, I don't always win, but I can't win when I do get screwed.

+Magic: The Gathering 

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Second place at Friday Night Magic? Not a combo deck?

It turns out that playing undercosted creatures and turning them sideways is easier to win with than a budget Maze's End deck. Who knew?

This is my blueprint for the foreseeable future of Friday nights.

Being too cheap to pay for cable TV has it's downsides in that I'm having to watch Spain vs Netherlands on my phone via the Univision Deportes app.

It has it's upsides though because the Spanish Commentary team goes batshit insane when anything remotely interesting happens.

{Spanish talking}
{excited Spanish talking}

Muy beuno!

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Magic: the Mathering - The Genesis Deck

Modern pauper tournament report wherein I cry about losing, complain about the format and misplay by the handful. Learn from my mediocrity fellow casual players!


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You can take the nerd out Chemistry class, but give him some magnets and he will still make pseudo-benzene rings out of all 216 of them, 6 tiles, 36 magnets per hex.


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Janky combo decks? In my standard? It's more likely than you think.

See how The Robert Llewellyn Deck fared against the more popular and expensive metagame, as I misplay my way through my latest standard event. Building decks that dare to be different. And cheap. Mostly cheap

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Magic: The Mathering - Headed Giant 2: Electric Boogaloo

This week I am making preparations to try and combo player my way through a two-headed giant match. Should be fun!

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Magic: The Mathering - Troll's End

Alternative win conditions trigger my Johnny, Combo Player planeswalker spark. See how my attempt to troll the local standard Meta of Mono Black Devotion goes.

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Magic: The Mathering - Modern Meta Slayer

Fetch lands are how much? Today I try and as it turned out mostly succeed in trolling my local meta with a different type of game busting Combo deck. With... Pyxis of Pandemonium... main decked?
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