We are happy to share with you all that the Fall 2018 Kʷədabidac Grant recipient is Native Arts Collective's very own, Deanna Lane!

Deanna told us that our "mission 'to elevate and ensure the legacy of diverse art histories' speaks directly to my desire to present and preserve a perspective relevant to my experience in the arts. When I attended graduate school to study Pueblo weaving in cultural anthropology, what struck me was the blatant rhetoric that my background invalidated my research. In other words: people of color can't present research on people of color that would be respected in academia. This was the most absurd thing I'd ever heard. Unfortunately, this had long been a generally held belief in higher institutions of learning that had also been applied to women scholars in academia. Since then it's been very reassuring to find that newer paradigms have shifted to be more inclusive of diverse perspectives. The CORAI Project clearly supports those efforts and this much needed shift."

Thank you, Deanna! with folks like you we'll make this a reality. #ChangeTheNarrative #RevolutionizeArtHistory
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