We are happy to announce that Surface is the Spring 2018 Heliconia Grantee!

By the way, if you are in NYC, LA, SF, Montreal, etc. do not miss the 'Now What?! Advocacy, Activism & Alliances in American Architecture Since 1968' exhibit for which Surface served as a curatorial advisor. More: https://www.nowwhat-architexx.org/

Surface's thoughts on CORAI:

"This is a much-needed program to support art historians of color, not only through funding but through creating a community of support. The Helicona Grant process is right-sized to the amount of funding, allowing researchers to apply for and utilise the grant without spending as much time on administration as the grant itself is worth. The organization is clearly designed by experienced, equity-minded leaders. I am glad CORAI exists, and am honored to receive the Helicona Grant."

Thank you and congratulations!

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