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Haha just had to share. All they need is a a child with an Adam Dunn jersey
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Should the White Sox just trade Sale now and gain a mass haul in return?
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Omar Morales Luna

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Hate this macbook. I have a 2014 macbook pro (and I'm not biased, I have a Nexus 5 phone, an LG G3 phone, ipad mini and a gaming windows PC with 8.1)

The lid is flimsy compared to the retina macbook pros

The keys are indeed sturdier BUT there's hardly any space to press down on them, it feels like you're typing on a Microsoft Surface keyboard (not the touch keyboard).

And the pressure sensitive touchpad is nice in theory but the same issue with the keys, I couldn't get a definitive feel for how hard I was clicking on the touch pad since there's multiple pressure levels.

And lastly I hate having only one universal port.

Sadly I'm certain that if Apple made a laptop made out of toilet paper people would fond a way to love it.

Omar Morales Luna

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White Sox! Still early in the season, but its nice to see them #1 in almost all categories in the AL!

Here's a shout out to White Sox fans +Luther Robinson +Miriam Salinas +Darius Prince +Troy Hawley +SERAFIN CRUZ and all the rest! Let's have a solid season!
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Still early guys, but good start.... 
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Omar Morales Luna

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Las cabras; expertos sobre los temas de nuestro gobierno y hablan la verdad! Jajaja!

(Even the goats are unhappy with our government)
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¡Que coño....?! La has cogido!?
Fernandez fields his position like a Boss :-P
Did you catch that?

Hell ya I did
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Wow, just got the news from Bleacher Report 5 min ago about Jenrry Mejia's lifetime ban and someone thought editing his Wikipedia page was a top priority.....
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I can't believe he's planning on appealing it. says he "wants to clear his name". 

Sure, clear your name, apologize, but accept that you're gone for good. Don't need that.
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Is anyone willing to try and vote (and spread the word) Alexei Ramirez to start the all-star game at short instead of Jeter? No offense to Jeter, he's classy, and a first ballot HOFer but this season thus far, Alexei has put up the numbers to win the spot. He deserves it.
The first #ASG Ballot update is out and Alexei Ramirez and Jose Abreu are among leaders at their positions! #VoteWhiteSox now and SHARE this post to help them get to the 2014 All-Star Game in Minnesota! #VoteMissile #VoteAbreu 
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Whatever it takes because over the hill players need all the accolades they can handle before they leave the game forever. FOREVER. Because we'll never see Jeter again the way fans vote for him
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Omar Morales Luna

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+Ryan Wick I used to complain about "pivots" too when I was a teenager, even at age 19. But the point is the pivot becomes less important the more complicated the trick, this trick is highly elaborate and is incredibly difficult to do (not impossible) without the pivot. You'll grow out of it :-p

Omar Morales Luna

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Sorry Texas fans! not my personal opinion but I do think its funny! :)
It's that time of year again....
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+Omar Morales Luna we would never hear the end of it if rangers won it all.
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Omar Morales Luna

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Non-human animals deserve more credit to their behaviour than they get. 
A deformed dolphin taken in by sperm whales, an orphaned squirrel nursed by a dog—learn why animals sometimes take care of others.
From a deformed dolphin taken in by sperm whales to a dog nursing a squirrel—learn why animals sometimes take care of others.
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Omar Morales Luna

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Bicicritica en Madrid!

Como dice el dicho, "Alegría entre vuestras piernas" Quien coño necesita batallar con coche cuando tenemos bici Jaja!
Muy pronto nos veremos! 
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It wasn't until i was parked outside having chosen this place to eat while visiting Scottsdale that i saw on my phone it was on a Tv Show. I didn't make much of it and just sat and ate like it was any other restaurant. The wait time for a chicken salad and a few soups was almost a half hour which were "okay". soup was a little bland & drippy, but ive had worse (and better) and one of their pub burgers was okay as well; i asked for it medium rare and it came back almost well done (yet it was soggy since they didnt let the meat juices rince out). I wouldn't say their food is bad, but its just okay. Presentation is nice. I'm giving it 3 stars as Im trying to be unbiased, but i would more accurately give it 2.5 stars. Not to mention although the place was quiet at the time, you could feel a high tension ambiance.
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