Okay, just tried my hand at this 100 word a day prompt thing. This is the first time I've ever written anything so short but it was fun! Okay, it's 108 words but give a first-timer a break, lol 

Here it is: (prompt was picture of a small bubble resting on grass)


*Crocodile tears. Crystaline drops of salted sadness, they fall kamikaze-style to the ground. Spattering, bursting like bloated bubbles they seep into the grass never to be seen again. 
The lawn chair groans when I sit. Cars bustle past the yard coughing exhaust. Across, children play in the park, their laughter lilting like flute music. It is the latter which sparked this outpouring. Or rather, it’s the lack of the latter. 
A shell of a house. White booties in my hand, a lacy bonnet in the other, both near glowing in their purity under heavenly sunrays. Yet always cold. Never to be used. Forever cold. 
And me, forever empty.* 
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