So this is what I came up with on the spot for today's 100 word story Prompt: 'Think of a fascinating character from your life (past or present). Think about what they wanted on a particular day. Write that story.'


“Should I?”
The flashing yellow button beckoned, but Keon hesitated. He looked across the console at Jiguro, who shrugged.
“You’re no help. Actually, you’re pretty useless.”
Jiguro tipped his head to drink. “Dude, it’s no big deal. Push or don’t push. The world won’t explode.”
“What if it does?”
Jiguro snorted and turned back to his magazine. “You’re a lost cause. You got any snacks?”
Keon’s lowered his hand but then lifted it again. It hovered. “Kitchen.”
“Right.” Jiguro disappeared. 
“I’m doing it!” Keon shouted. 
“Yeah, yeah.”
He pushed it. The virtual planet on the screen exploded, pieces shooting off into virtual space. “Best game ever!”
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